Year Album offers brand new way to make a photo album



FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the global launching of its “Year Album” service that enables consumers to make a photo album easily using Image Organizer technology. After receiving very positive reaction in the Japanese market, Fujifilm plans to launch the same service from the fourth quarter of 2014 in a number of developed countries. In Europe, the same service will be introduced under the name of “My Photo Diary.”

Along with the popularization of smartphones and high-end digital cameras in recent years, consumers have had more and more opportunities to take photos. However, as the number of stored images grows increasingly huge, more and more people are calling for easier ways of organizing their photos. The majority of people still prefer to compile their own conventional photo albums, but these are taking more and more time and effort to select and organize. In response to these demands, and with its 80 years of experience and expertise in the photographic industry, Fujifilm offers a new solution.

The Year Album editing software features Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Organizer technology, which helps to select, layout and cast key people automatically by analyzing every single image in only 5 minutes*, just by inputting only three conditions; storage location, time period and page volume of album. The Year Album editing software enables consumers to edit and decorate the proposed page layout, and allows for key people to be changed simply by clicking on the candidates.

As a finished product, Year Album uses Fujifilm’s traditional silver halide premium paper and lay-flat binding with hard cover to ensure the optimal storage conditions.

Fujifilm is committed to offering new products and services that meet various consumer needs by using innovative technological advancements. Fujifilm is also dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of photography worldwide, and wants all users to experience the gratification of shooting, preserving, displaying and gifting images through “Photo Renaissance” activities that delivers the message of “enrich your life with Photography.”

Service Name:
  • “Year Album”
  • “My Photo Diary” (for European market)

The “Year Album” service will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Main features:
  • Automatic preview from a massive amount of images by Image Organizer software with 3 Smart functions.
    1. “Smart Select” function recommends suitable images from still image automatically.
    2. “Smart Layout” function provides suitable image layout corresponding to each photo product.
    3. “Smart Casting” function sorts the images of main and important characters that are determined by consumers.
  • Edit functions to give further originality to the album including add and delete images, cover colors, album titles, stamps, comments and “main and important characters” setting.
  • High quality silver halide paper with high quality lay-flat & hard cover binding.

* condition: CPU spec Core2, 500 pictures of file size 3MB, composed in 16 pages  


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