Excellent UV Ink Adhesion and Scratch Resistance Lets Users to Decorate Glass Windows with Any Designs on Demand

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to introduce its new DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM MF-100 that uses a new UV-curable hard coat layer utilizing Fujifilm’s unique functional polymer and precision coating technology to deliver excellent UV ink adhesion and scratch resistance.

In recent years, glass decoration by PET film has become popular for use on various types of indoor glass, including office partitions and windows in commercial buildings, to prevent damaged glass being scattering as well as for original decoration of commercial premises and to shade glass.

Today, UV inkjet printing and decoration film enable the printing of various designs and patterns requested by clients to decorate glass. However, there are some technical difficulties associated with decorative film such as peeling of UV ink and scratch damage, when pasted or pressed to create glass designs.

In response to such problems, Fujifilm has introduced its glass decoration PET film “DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM MF-100” for UV inkjet printers. This film has excellent UV ink adhesion and scratch resistance thanks to a newly-developed hard coat layer utilizing Fujifilm’s unique functional polymer and precision coating technology. These features significantly improve efficiency in the creation of glass decoration.

The DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM MF-100 will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Main features:
  • Excellent UV ink adhesion and scratch resistance
  • Printing businesses can print any design requested by clients for on demand inkjet printers for glass decoration.
  • Film width of 1,560 mm × 50 M reduces joint work during glass decoration. Building constructors are able to obtain fine finishing, reduction of material costs and time by increased efficiency.
  • Covers the whole sheet of glass which prevents shattered or damaged glass from being widely scattered.

Fujifilm has been contributing to developing and providing a variety of products for the sign display industry such as the UV inkjet printer “Acuity LED 1600” and UV ink for inkjet printers. Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide innovative products to the sign display industry to further expand the field of imaging.
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