Fujifilm expands DR Portfolio: Wireless Version of FDR D-EVO G35 and D-EVO Suite


D-EVO G35i Wireless

D-EVO G35i Wireless

D-EVO Suite

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2011 which is held from 3 to 7 March in Vienna, Austria, FUJIFILM Europe presents the FDR D-EVO G35i Wireless, the latest addition to the D-EVO family of flat panel detectors from Fujifilm. By providing a completely cord-free version of its lightweight cassette detector, the world leader in digital x-ray can provide imaging facilities with even greater ease of positioning as well as enhanced flexibility for use in a wider variety of imaging applications. The new, wireless version of the FDR D-EVO G35 is a 14 x 17” flat panel detector that can easily and cost effectively convert any analog room to digital with a seamless direct fit into existing table or upright systems. Because it is wireless, it also provides enhanced ease-of-positioning and additional flexibility for use in challenging imaging environments. Whether using the detector in the operating room or intensive care, there is no sensor cord to interfere with the patient positioning. Image quality is a significant advantage of the FDR D-EVO G35i Wireless. Using Fujifilm’s patented Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), an innovative technology that improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE), the system enables technologists to take high quality images at lower doses. Designed internally by Fujifilm, the unique innovations of the FDR D-EVO G35i Wireless detector achieve significant dose efficiency improvements compared to similar DR detectors. This reduces scatter and blur of x-rays captured, resulting in sharper images with greater detail that enhances diagnostic confidence for the radiologist. The wireless detector is the ideal solution for orthopaedic exams where low dose is required to produce the fine details for images of delicate areas like the wrist, hand or leg. In addition to providing flexibility during an exam, the FDR D-EVO G35i Wireless offers a lasting power supply that will reduce downtime and increase throughput. The system offers a lightweight removable lithium ion battery that provides fast charge times and up to 3.5 hours or 750 exposures of use per charge. A multi-charger system with two spare batteries is also included with the detector which reduces concerns for power loss. Additionally, a detachable cord provides the option for continuous charging and the ability to leave the detector in the bucky for uninterrupted extended use. D-EVO Suite: providing the complete x-ray room As Fujifilm continues to expand its product portfolio, the focus is on selling the total solutions versus individual products. By taking a solutions oriented approach to the need of customers, Fujifilm is now able to offer a complete x-ray room all of one hand, integrating all required components, such as generator, x-ray tube, bucky table, upright stand and ceiling suspension. The new system is expected to be available in the European market from March 2011.


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