At ECR 2019, FUJIFILM will show advancements in their clinical imaging portfolio and IT solutions which maximize productivity and ensure a better patient care


NEVER STOP and ADVANCING MEDICAL IMAGING is FUJIFILM’s ECR 2019 theme. In 1983, FUJIFILM were the world’s first company to offer a digital X-ray diagnostic imaging system, Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR). Today, we are helping medical professionals to see their patients in vibrant new ways, and we will never stop helping doctors provide a quicker diagnosis.

At ECR 2019, we demonstrate how to realize:

VALUE BASED RADIOLOGY, to improve care quality, access and control costs

PATIENT’S CENTRIC APPROACH, via enhanced portfolio of products and technologies

AUGMENTED RADIOLOGISTS’ EXPERIENCE by means of “AI” powered enterprise imaging solutions

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS at the booth (EXPO X5, Ground Level, nr. 503)

FCT Speedia and FCT Speedia HD underline FUJIFILM’s commitment to the Medical systems field, adding CT imaging to its comprehensive portfolio of well-known room and mobile digital solutions. The 64-slice Speedia HD system will be shown at the booth, together with “Synapse One” an empowered Multi-modality workstation that embeds the core modules of Synapse 3D, the flagship of FUJIFILM Medical Informatics portfolio. An advanced AI-based solution, FCT Pixel Shine, will also be on the booth to highlight the advantages of FCT images acquired at extremely low dose using AI based deep learning.

AMULET Innovality is FUJIFILM’s flagship in its digital mammography solutions. It can be seen on the booth together with images showcasing how its innovative dual angle approach to tomosynthesis, and its unsurpassed 50 micron pixel output, better support breast screening and diagnostic mammography needs.

Bellus II digital mammography workstation is the new, comprehensive workstation for FFDM and DBT image management. Multi-modality support, advanced image visualization functions and processing, together with an embedded reporting utility, it provides key features crucial for an efficient and stress-free mammography diagnosis workflow. The range of images that can be viewed on the Bellus II include 2D and DBT images resulting from FUJIFILM’s new iterative reconstruction (ISR), Synthetic 2D-View (S-View) images and Energy Subtraction CEDM images.

FDR Smart X is FUJIFILM’s new, flexible and scalable room solution for digital radiography. Providing solutions from simple floor-mounted to ceiling-suspended configurations with Long view stitching functionality, the FDR SMART X has been designed to enhance any Imaging department in combination with FUJIFILM’s FDR D-EVO II and FDR-ES digital panels.

FDR D-EVO GL is the world’s first 43.2 x 124.5 cm long size DR panel, which allows long view radiography with a single exposure. This long-view single exposure detector ensures consistent, easy patient positioning and repeatable image acquisition, reducing exam discomfort for a better patient experience. Featuring FUJIFILM’s proprietary ISS technology single-shot exposures of the whole spine and limbs can be performed with excellent image quality and dose reduction.

FDRGO Plus. Redefining mobile imaging with improved mobility, workflow and image quality. Building on FUJIFILM’s advanced image quality with Dynamic Visualization II (DVII) and Virtual Grid processing and dose performance, the FDR Go PLUS provides sophisticated yet simple operation.

FDR nano is FUJIFILM’s ground breaking compact Digital X-ray cart system for the critical moments you face every day. Extremely light weight and compact, it utilizes FUJIFILM’s Innovative products, D-EVO II and image processing technologies Dynamic Visualization II (DVII) and Virtual Grid, the to generate high quality images with low patient dose and continues to simplify your everyday imaging operations.

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