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Fujifilm’s Cine Zoom Lenses have been established as the number one choice for 4.K PL-mount ENG productions


Fujifilm Cine Zoom Lens

After successfully completing 4.K testing at last year’s Confederation-Cup in Brazil FUJIFILM Europe and Sony Professional Benelux team up for another 4.K test production at a recent Dutch Premier League Football match between Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven. On the media side it was covered by UNITED’s Outside Broadcast section which is part of the Euro Media Group and one of the biggest production companies in the Netherlands. A total of sixteen HD cameras and two 4.K cameras were involved in the coverage of the event.

Sony’s Mr. Bas Roelfsema who is the Solution Key Account Manager for the Benelux countries was asked by United Broadcast to support the 4.K live recording at this particular match and was delighted to support United with this specific event. Sony supported with two F-55 and two CA-4000 and BPU-4000 to record a 4.K signal and this signal was used as a HD cut out into the actual program. Fujinon supported this event with ZK4.7x19, ZK2.5x14 and HK5.3x75 4.K high resolution lenses.

Mr. Bas Roelfsema commented: ‘4.K is the next step and is already used in several recordings over the past few years in the BeNeLUx. Sony is happy to show this new technology because there is a demand for a higher quality for the consumers, the Cinema screen, but also for new ways of broadcasting such as HD-Cut outs. Sony Benelux can clearly see that there is a growing demand for 4.K products in the Broadcast area and is always willing to help if customers have specific demands’.

Mr. Bolke Burnaby (Manager Operations & Events) at UNITED comments in regards to the company’s future plans to 4.K productions: ‘Last year we shot many concert events, our first major 4.K production was at a MUSE concert using sixteen Sony F-55 cameras to fully cover the event from an OB unit. We chose the Sony F-55 because at current the F-55 is the most flexible 4.K camera which meets all of our requirements. Also worth mentioning our ‘Santana’ Concert production in Mexico using a total of ten Sony F-55 cameras with a number of 4.K Cabrio Fujinon model ZK4.7x90/ 19-90mm, ZK3.5x85/ 85-300mm and a HK5.3x75/ 75-400mm lenses. For 2014 we are planning to cover more events and to further develop our 4.K production capabilities in a live environment; so 2014 will be an exciting year for us as we will definitely move forward in expanding our 4.K production capabilities’.

When asked about his impression of the FUJINON 4.K cine zoom lenses used Mr. Bolke Burnaby   stated: ‘The Fujinon Cabrio ZK-series lenses with digital servo handgrip are the first and currently only lenses that fill the gap between broadcast video lenses and cine film lenses. The operational handling is similar to ‘normal’ HD ENG lenses which we are currently using. So, that means that the operator recognizes the functionality of the equipment which provides a similar clean and easy workflow which he/she has been accustomed to. PL mount lens models made by other manufacturers need to be dressed and fitted with separate lens motors (not required with ZK model lenses, but done so in the test), they are more expensive to operate and need more crew/staff for handling’.

He continued by saying: ‘It is very simple; in a film-production there is ‘relatively’ enough time to shoot with ‘just’ one to maybe three cameras operating at a time. Whereas we have 10 and 20 cameras shooting at the same time, and there are no re-takes! This means that we need a solid and fast solution: the Fujinon 4.K ZK-series Cabrio line-up provides just that. In closing he stated If Fujinon should decide to introduce more Cabrio lens models to the market in the near further; I hope there will be a similar solution for long range lenses such as the 4.K premium model HK5.3x75 with 75-400mm focal range’.

Due to Fujifilm’s overwhelming success and popular demand for 4.K ZK-Series lenses its R&D department will develop further extraordinary additions to the best-selling 4.K ZK-Series lenses in order to cover the full focal range for broadcast and cinematic productions. It would be safe to say that several newly developed high resolution optical products will be introduced to the industry within the next twelve months.

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Optical Devices Division
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