Additional 4K UHD Lenses to Make Debut; Latest Speaker Series Highlights Company’s Strength in ENG, House of Worship and Sports Production Markets


Several groundbreaking lenses will debut at this year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention for the Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM Corporation. Exhibiting in Booth #C7225, the company will introduce three new lenses within its highly regarded UA Series of UHD 4K lenses: the UA125x8 zoom; the UA18x6.7 compact, handheld zoom; and the UA23x7.6 handheld zoom. FUJINON’s popular NAB Speaker Series, featuring innovators in the fields of live sports and house of worship production, are also among the booth highlights.

About the UA125x8 studio box lens

The new UA125x8 features a 125x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 8mm~1000mm, with an F1.7 aperture. The UA125x is now the longest and widest 4K lens for Ultra HD applications in the FUJINON UA series of UHD 4K zooms. Like others in the series, the new UA125x is designed for unparalleled 4K UHD performance imaging from today's new 4K 2/3" Ultra HD cameras.

This new UA125x zoom has everything on a producer’s wish list for long-distance 4K UHD shooting,” said Thomas Fletcher, Director of Marketing, Optical Devices Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “With its high resolution, high contrast, high dynamic range and our patented optical image stabilisation technology, the UA125x captures pristine, rock-steady 4K UHD shots. It can do so at great distances but also features a surprising field of view on the wide end. With an aperture F no. of 1.7, virtual reality connections, and 16-bit encoders, the UA125x8 will soon become the standard for 4K UHD and HD production worldwide. We’re very excited for people to see what this lens can do.

The UA125x8 employs the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) resulting in richer colours and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC, coupled with Fujifilm's exclusive Aspheric Technology, reduces ghost and flare, and increases light transmission. A proprietary anti-fogging design minimises lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture—a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

Designed along the same parameters of the UA107x, UA80x, UA70x and XA99x, the UA125x will have the same digital features: F number limit, Quick Zoom, two-shot presets, a 2x extender, and other precision digital functions increasing production flexibility.

About the UA18x7.6 and UA23x7.6 ENG lenses

Two other introductions in the UA Series include the UA18x7.6 and UA23x7.6 handheld zooms. The new UA18x7.6 is a compact and cost-effective lens designed for a range of applications, including sports, house of worship, and entertainment production. The UA18x7.6 features a 7.6~137mm focal length plus a 2x extender with an aperture of F1.8, and is easily transportable at 3.5 lbs. The UA23x7.6 is an economical 4K telephoto zoom for studio and field production. The UA23x7.6 has a focal range of 7.6~175mm plus a 2x extender with an aperture of F1.8, and weighs just 4.2 lbs. Both new UA series lenses have HT-EBC coating, as well as the same HDR and 2/3-inch 4K performance as the UA125x8.

After last year’s NAB debut as a prototype, the UA46x9.5B is now available and will be on hand at this year’s show. The newly designed OS-TECH image stabiliser provides the most advanced image stabilisation for a lens in this class and makes the UA46x zooms ideal for sports, wildlife, and documentary production. Versions of each lens are available for studio, wildlife, remote-control and gyro-stabilised productions.

In line with the optical performance of the full family of Fujifilm 4K UA 2/3” lenses, the new lenses also feature 4K Ultra HD and HDR optical performance throughout the entire zoom range. The UA46x9.5B features a class-leading 46x zoom ratio and a wide angle from 9.5~437mm (19~874mm w/2x) with an F2.0 aperture. The “Tele” version UA46x13.5B lens also features a class-leading 46x zoom ratio and a telephoto reach from 13.5~621mm (27~1242mm w/2x) with an F2.8 aperture.

For any further information regarding these products, please contact:

Ian O’Connor: ian.oconnor(at)fujifilm(dot)com

Chris Williams: chris.f.williams(at)fujifilm(dot)com


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