Portable Digital Imaging System with upgraded capabilities: FCR Go 2

Enhanced imaging and further ease-of-use outside the radiology department


FCR Go 2

FCR Go 2

FUJIFILM Europe will debut the brand new FCR Go 2 at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2011) which is held from March 3 to 7 in Vienna, Austria. The world leader in digital X-ray has responded to customer feedback and upgraded the widely used FCR Go. In just two years since its introduction the product reached more than 600 shipments worldwide. With an enhanced generator, full-size workstation, and improved drive performance, Fujifilm’s portable FCR Go 2 will provide exceptional image quality and further ease-of-use to better meet the needs of technologists conducting imaging exams outside the radiology department. Higher output X-ray generator for better imaging of dense areas Along with the same user-friendly features that led to the success of the FCR Go and provided high image quality and efficiency gains, Fujifilm’s FCR Go 2 is now equipped with a higher output X-ray generator to better accommodate imaging of dense areas. Abdomen and spine exams, for example, which are frequently performed with portable systems, as well as X-rays of bariatric patients, will now result in even sharper images. Instant availability of a full sized image, smaller chassis design In addition to the enhanced generator, Fujifilm has also added several other improvements to the FCR Go 2 to make the exam process even easier for the technologist. The new system features a full size, 15 inch image display and upgraded functionality at the onboard workstation. By having more of the same features available at the portable station that are accessible at the main radiology workstations, technologists and radiologists can preview a full size image at the patient bedside, using a familiar platform. This instant availability of a full sized image will provide technologists with the immediate ability to confirm the image acquired, shortening exam times, and improving patient care. Additionally, the FCR Go 2 features a smaller, lighter weight chassis design, coupled with an improved driving system that will provide greater ease of maneuverability during transport in tight corridors and imaging environments.


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