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Alta definición ENG Broadcast teleobjetivo largo con extensor 2x


Foco Interno

Quick Zoom

Unidades de accionamiento / modelos disponibles:

  • ERD-S Servo completo, con ext.
  • ERD-F Full Servo, con extensor de accionamiento del motor


  • SS-13A Analogue full servo kit / for -RD/ZD
  • SS-13D Digital full servo kit / for -RD/ZD
  • SS-14S Digital full servo kit / for -RD/ZD, w/shot box
  • UV Filter EFL-107UV / EFL-127UV
  • Skylight Filter EFL-107SL / EFL-127SL
  • ND Filter EFL-107N2 / EFL-127N2
  • ND Filter EFL-107N4 / EFL-127N4
  • ND Filter EFL-107N8 / EFL-127N8
  • Cross Filter, Soft Focus and Polarising Filters also available
  • TS-P58A OS-Tech Optical Stabiliser


Campo de visión angular (1x) 16.5mm: 32°25' x 18°33' 413mm: 1°20' x 0°45'
Campo de visión angular (2x) 33mm: 16°32' x 09°20' 826mm: 0°40' x 0°22'
Descripción Lightweight Super Telephoto HD Lens ENG Style with servo zoom and focus. Digital servo remote control for full servo studio control, robotics, jibs, tower cams, teleconferencing and other applications where remote control of zoom, focus and iris via RS-232 serial data or traditional analog control is desired.Remote control of the 2X extender is possible with the optional model ECU-2A remote extender module.
Extendedor 2 x
Hilo de filtro M107 x 1
distancia focal (1) 16.5-413mm (2) 33-826mm
Macro yes
Masa (sin el parasol) 2.9kg
Apertura relativa máxima (N.º F) 1:2.8 (16.5-289mm) 1:4 (413mm)
Memorando Inner Focus QUICKZOOM
Distancia de objeto mínima (M.O.D.) 2.2m (from front lens) 2.5m (from image plane)
Dimensiones del objeto en M.O.D. (1x) 16.5mm: 1213 x 682mm 413mm: 49 x 27mm
Dimensiones del objeto en M.O.D. (2x) 33mm: 606 x 341mm 826mm: 24 x 14mm
Sistema operativo RD
Opción Motor drive 2x extender
Tamaño (diámetro x longitud) 110 x 278mm
Relación de zoom 25 x