HD Studio box style lens. high optical quality, fast, quiet and precise servo zoom and focus. With award winning PF Precision Focus Assistant.


PF Precision Focus System

16-bit Virtual Connector

Dust Proof & Anti Fogging

Find System

Automatic Compensation of Focus Breathing


Available models:

  • BESM-FK Full servo zoom, studio lens, w/PF Precision Focus


  • Elh-112A-*** (***camera type, colour) lens support required


  • SS-21D PF DigiPower full servo kit
  • EPF-196A Protection Glass
  • EA-3A-10A Remote Macro Control Unit


Campo de visión angular (1x) 6.5mm: 72°50' x 45°02 180mm: 3°03' x 1°43' (2x) 13mm: 40°30' x 23°25' 360mm: 1°32' x 0°51'
Descripción HD Box Type Lens with Precision Focus System
Extendedor 2x
distancia focal (1x) 6.5 - 180mm (2x) 13 - 360mm
Masa 21.5kg
Apertura relativa máxima (N.º F) (1x) 1:1.5 (6.5-123mm) 1:2.2 (180mm) (2x) 1:3.0 (13-246mm) 1:4.4 (360mm)
Distancia de objeto mínima (M.O.D.) 0.6m
Tamaño (AlxAnxLo) 228x231x588mm
Relación de zoom 27x