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Lente HD ENG / EFP de alta calidad de ⅓’’ con extensor 2X con servo Digi Power.


Foco Interno

Quick Zoom

Zoom limit

Unidades de accionamiento / modelos disponibles:

  • ERM Enfoque manual, con ext.
  • Enfoque manual RM, sin ext.


  • MM-11 Full manual kit / for -RM
  • SS-11 Semi servo kit / for -RM
  • MS-11D Digital semi servo kit / for -RM
  • SS-11 Full servo kit / for -RM
  • SS-11D Digital full servo kit / for -RM
  • UV Filter EFL-82UV
  • Skylight Filter EFL-82SL
  • ND Filter EFL-82N2
  • ND Filter EFL-82N4
  • ND Filter EFL-82N8
  • Cross Filter, Soft Focus and Polarising Filters also available
  • TCV-H85 Tele Converter
  • WCV-H85 Wide Converter
  • WAT-H85 Wide Attachment
  • F-ATH85 Fish-Eye-Attachment