Uvistar II

Con velocidad superior a 350 m2/hr (modelo de 5m), las impresoras Uvistar son ideales para la producción de una gran variedad de posters, display, materiales PLV, vallas publicitarias, gráficos para vehículos, señalización y retroiluminados de hasta 5 metros de ancho.

Uvistar II:

  • Impresora inkjet UV líder para impresión de grandes volúmenes de gráficos de exterior
  • Operativa simple, calidad robusta y alta productividad
  • Modelos de 3m y 5m
  • Velocidad superior a 350m2/hr (modelo 5m)
  • Opciones de manipulación de rígidos y multibobina
  • Alimentada con los últimos desarrollos de tintas UV Uvijet que imprimen imágenes vibrantes y de alta calidad

With throughput speeds of over 350 m2/hr (5 m model), Uvistar printers are fuelled by Fujifilm’s own high performance Uvijet inks, producing high quality, vibrant images. Uvistar is suitable for the production of a variety of poster displays, point-of-purchase materials, billboards, vehicle graphics and backlit signage up to 5 metres wide, but new Uvijet ink developments make it possible to further broaden the range of media that you print on, like polyethylene for single skin posters.

Productivity options

The Uvistar II series includes both 3.5m and 5m media width machines designed for high-volume super-wide industrial printing with a choice of 16 or 32 print head configuration.

Simple media handling

Quick and simple media load and unload system, with only 30cm media wastage. Maximum roll weight 340kgs.

Multiple media rolls

Designed to deliver maximum efficiency, the Uvistar 5032 can simultaneously print up to three media rolls (3 x 1.6m), utilising the full 5m width.

Flat sheet option

Print rigid media with minimal operator intervention. Multiple option available to print on several boards at the same time or one large board.

Heat-sensitive media

Excellent ink and material performance on heat sensitive substrates like polyethylene.

Backlit option

A backlit camera enables the production of high quality images in perfect registration between back and front.

Industrial print heads

Robust industrial printheads are designed for all-day production. Ability to quickly adjust print head height to maintain image quality even on difficult lightweight media.

Quick startup and simple interface

Designed to print every minute of every day within a digital print environment - operation and control interface are uncomplicated for reduced downtime.