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Amulet Innovality

Innovation and quality in mammography

The new leader in the Amulet series. Tomosynthesis and Biopsy available.

Tomosynthesis Ready

  • Leading dose performance for 2D and tomosynthesis
  • Revolutionary sharp image quality resulting from the
  • all new HCP detector design
  • Intelligent exposure control with implant detection
  • Ultimate patient comfort with new adaptive
  • compression paddle
  • 50 micron pixel image
  • Optimised for user & patient ergonomics

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Breast conforming compression paddle for maximum patient comfort.

Unique compression paddle design allows the paddle to conform to the breast shape, ensuring optimal compression is applied across the entire breast without causing unnecessary patient discomfort. An extensive range of optional specialist compression paddles is also available. This includes paddles specifically designed for small breasts, ensuring ideal positioning and compression for all breast types.


Soft Lighting for a calming room ambience


Warm indirect lighting is used to illuminate the column, fading in and out if the system is shutdown and creating a peaceful mood. This helps patients to relax and allows examinations to be performed with minimal stress.

Decorative Stand labels provide an adaptable room environment

Five different stand labels are available to add a gentle ambience. Each site can choose a stand appearance that best suits the examination environment, thus relieving patient stress and anxiety.