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We're driving a digital revolution in commercial printing.

Fujifilm provides advanced solutions for multiple stages of the offset printing process, from pre-press to press, along with digital and wide format printing solutions.

Computer-to-plate system
Computer-to-plate system
Rising demand for computer-to-plate systems
FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe BV, Tilburg, The Netherlands (Production of CTP Plates and other materials)
On-demand printer and print server


Fujifilm offers a state-of-the-art software system called XMF which takes advantage of the latest industry technologies to help printers manage complex, integrated print production environments with the maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Digital Printing

Fujifilm is driving a revolution in digital printing through a combination of its toner and inkjet technologies, in conjunction with its XMF workflow, to help printers maximise the demand for effective, targeted short-run print.

Wide Format Printing

Building on a heritage of supplying inks and screens for the screen printing market, Fujifilm has built a capability in inkjet technology that is second to none, with the company being the number one supplier of wide format inkjet flatbed system on the market.

Large Format Media

Fujifilm supplies a large range of media, inks and application tools for all roll-fed large format printing applications, as part of its Euromedia offering, together with both technical and application support for sign, graphics and display print production.

CTP Systems

Fujifilm is able to offer a choice of benchmark plate production solutions for B2, B1 and VLF applications, based on both photopolymer and thermal technologies, thanks to a wide range of platesetters, processors and associated pre-press chemistry.

Printing Plates

Fujifilm offers a choice of thermal and violet plates designed to help printers optimise the quality and efficiency of their plate production. In particular, the company’s processless and ‘lo-chem’ plate technologies help printers minimise the resources they use and their impact on the environment.

Pressroom Solutions

Fujifilm has a long history in the development of chemistry for offset printing applications, with a complete range of founts, washes, coatings, sprays, silicones, glues and auxiliaries designed to help printers optimise the offset printing process.

Proofing Systems

Fujifilm offers a range of proofing solutions based on colour managed toner and inkjet printing systems (supplying hardware, software, inks and media) along with remote soft proofing and virtual 3D proofing solutions as part of its XMF workflow.


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