Recording Media

From backup tape cartridges to Blu-ray discs, Fujifilm's recording media products cover a broad range.

People use our recording media products every day, at home and in the workplace. Governments, banks, and other organizations depend on Fujifilm backup tape technology to safeguard data and permit rapid recovery in case of interruptions.

Data backup tape cartridge. LTO Ultrium is a registered trademark of IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Quantum
Fujifilm nanocubic tape coating technology is so thin, it is like spreading a liter of paint over the surface area of four football fields.

Providing reliable data storage

Our backup tape cartridges are widely used by data centers operated by large enterprises, such as financial institutions and research firms. In such applications, backup systems aim to reduce computer system downtime to less than about five minutes a year. The world's ever-increasing volume of data calls for continuous improvements in backup capacity and speed, delivered in convenient, reliable and space-saving formats.

Fujifilm nanocubic technology expands storage capacity

Our proprietary nanocubic technology is expanding the storage capacity of magnetic tape used to backup computer data. To store more data in a smaller area, nanocubic technology creates ultra-thin 50-nanometer coatings (one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) of microscopically small magnetic particles. The world's tape drive makers trust backup tape cartridges made with Fujifilm nanocubic technology to assure optimum performance.

Storage media products are all around us

Fujifilm's advanced audio, video, and data storage products include Blu-ray discs, DVD media, xD-Picture Card flash memory devices and videotape. We keep raising capacity, enhancing reliability, and improving convenience to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge storage solutions.

  • LTO Ultrium data cartridges
  • Data cartridges for IBM 3592