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FUJIFILM Czech Republic

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH o.s.

The Fujifilm was on the Czech market since 1991. At first it was a company FUJIFILM CZ s.r.o. which was transformed to the branch office of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH in 2010. The company has built on the long tradition of Fujifilm products which ere imported to the Czech market since late 1970s and were appreciated by Czech costumers.

Fujfilm offers products in many areas: photographic film and paper, digital cameras, cinematographic products, printing equipment, medical systems - all this in order to provide the customer with better products, solve every problem and care about the environment.

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH o.s. offers in Czech Republic:

  • amateur and professional negative films
  • photographic paper and chemistry
  • digital cameras
  • digital minilabs and kiosks
  • medical devices
  • cinematographic products
  • recording media and batteries
  • supplies and printing equipment

Company Name: FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, o.s.
Office Address: U Nakladoveho nadrazi 2, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 234 703 411
FAX: +420 234 703 489
E-mail: info(at)fujifilm(dot)cz


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