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Innovator des Jahres 2019 - Die Deutsche Wirtschaft

We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who supported us over the recent weeks! We are honoured to be recognised as Innovator of the year 2019 by Die Deutsche Wirtschaft. At the ceremony at the Wirtschaftsclub, Peter Struik, Managing Director FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, had the pleasure to accept the innovator of the year award.
To get an impression, you can have a look at the TV documentary (in German) about the event here.

Fujifilm – a Company with a Passion for Innovation


As a result of its consistent commitment to innovation and its relentless contribution of innovative products and services in the areas of culture, science, technology, industry, the environment and society, Fujifilm Europe has been named one of 20 Innovators of the year 2019 by the German industry publication ‘Die Deutsche Wirtschaft’, who have also nominated the multi-technology company for an audience award.

Fujifilm first made a name for itself as a producer of photographic film. In 1966, it opened its European headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. As demand increased exponentially, production was relocated to Tilburg in the Netherlands, where it remains to this day. Tilburg is also home to Fujifilm Europe’s research and development division and its Open Innovation Hub. Today, Fujifilm Europe is a successful, diverse international corporation that leads the market in a variety of business fields.

Fujifilm reacted quickly and decisively to the drastic decline in demand for photographic film at the turn of the millenium by innovatively adapting its core technologies and competencies. The loss of this core business prompted Management in Tokyo, under Chairman and CEO Shigetaka Komori, to take the strategic decision to subject the Fujifilm Group, including all its subsidiaries, to a transformation process. A comprehensive M&A strategy was instituted, using acquisition as well as partnerships to create synergies and to support and strengthen the company’s innovative approach.



The Fujifilm Group can look back on a triumphant history of transformation, having anticipated and successfully managed the decline in the photographic film business, and simultaneously adjusting its strategy to meet future challenges. Fujifilm emphatically reconfirmed its commitment to innovation by launching its new global branding campaign NEVER STOP. The campaign showcases the company’s vast product portfolio, and assuredly and prominently features the healthcare sector. 

NEVER STOP. Confidently building on its employees and its specialist expertise, Fujifilm commits itself to this claim, and with it to creatively solving the challenges faced by a global society. It is these challenges that motivate Fujifilm to rethink and adjust its processes, thus providing fertile ground for innovative solutions.

The company welcomes these challenges and will NEVER STOP generating value from innovation. This is why proprietary technologies and extensive experience are being integrated with those of a multitude of exceptionally qualified partners. These synergies allow for the development of innovative products, services, and technologies that meet requirements across the globe.

Our history in Europe

50 years of Fujifilm in Europe: On July 7, 1966, Fuji Photo Film Europe GmbH was entered in the commercial register in Düsseldorf. Expanding from there first to the UK in 1976 and then across the continent, today the company has a dense network of production facilities and offices throughout Europe


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