Fujiflim invests in sustainability and has a clear vision on such matters.

1) Compliance with laws and legislation is the minimum form of corporate social responsibility. Fujifilm has the ISO 14001 certification.

2) Fujifilm is constantly working at even more sustainable production. The production process operates on wind energy for 100%. We also generate our own energy. We have installed a large afterburner and five wind turbines. At this moment Fujifilm is building a joint water purification with neighbour companies.

3) The products we currently produce are becoming increasingly sustainable. The production of the low-chemical offset plate is a great example. It requires much less chemicals for development at the printers.

4) The Tilburg Research Laboratory develops new sustainable technologies and products. For example, membranes for water purification or gas separation.

5) Sharing know-how and stimulating sustainability is an important point of interest. Fujifilm tackles sustainability issues together with companies in the region. We also play a visibly active role in the region by means of sponsoring. Well known examples are the Tilburg Ten Miles and Natuurmonumenten.

Fujifilm has a great sense of involvement with the local and regional community. For that reason, Fujifilm Tilburg donates a share of the profit to sponsoring and good causes. 

In the sponsor polici, Fujifilm aims at areas of attention in line with the company policy:

  • Nature and the environment 
  • Innovation and sustainability 
  • Photography and offset plates 
  • (Technical) education 

The Fujifilm Tilburg sponsoring policy is mainly aimed at the direct, local area. Over the years, Fujifilm Tilburg has been able to support many different clubs, events and initiatives. Click here for the projects we support. 

A request for sponsoring or a donation can be made via communications_ef(at)fujifilm(dot)com.

Volunteer work and Contour

Volunteer work and Contour

Since 2003, Fujifilm Tilburg has given its employees an annual opportunity to make a difference in the community. For one day each year, more than two hundred colleagues do their best, and the project continues to be a great success.

The voluntary work takes place in cooperation with Contour, the organisation for voluntary work and informal care in Tilburg.

More information on Contour can be found at Contour Tilburg.

Tilburg Ten Miles

Tilburg Ten Miles

For a number of years now, Fujifilm has been one of the main sponsors of the Brabants Dagblad Tilburg Ten Miles. The Ten Miles is a one-day running event in which top of the running world compete annually. The Fujifilm Business run is a separate classification within the Brabants Dagblad Tilburg Ten Miles. There is healthy competition between the companies and institutions taking part, but most of all it is a sporting and fun day.

The starting options are 4 kilometres, 10 kilometres and 10 miles (16.1 km). Many Fujifilm staff take up the challenge of the full 10 mile option. For more information, check out



The Roparun is the world’s longest non-stop relay race and is run from Paris to Rotterdam. The foundation does so under the motto of ‘Trying to add life to the days when no more days can be added to life.’

For more information about the team, see

For more information about the Roparun, see

Nature reserves association

Nature reserves association

Since 1993, the Natuurmonumenten association has been working at restoring the countryside between the Huis ter Heide country estate and the northern edge of Tilburg. Woodland and agricultural land is being converted into a landscape with heathlands and fens. By sponsoring Plan Lobelia, Fujifilm wishes to contribute to the quality of the water management. Furthermore, the support offered by Fujifilm goes towards extending the recreational walking options in this piece of countryside.

Want to take a look at Huis ter Heide yourself? The area is freely accessible.
For more information, take a look on the website of Natuurmonumenten.