A successful in-house exhibition

A successful in-house exhibition

A successful in-house exhibition

A four-day exhibition showcased the world of silver halide photo paper at FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The goal was to highlight the strength of AgX in terms of both new product development and top print quality. The event involved:

  • A welcome speech by Albert van Maren and Ton van Roessel
  • A tour through the colour paper production department 
  • Detailed presentations on: 
  • CLP in general (line-up, road map, future developments) 
  • CLP image stability 
  • CLP marketing and tools 

And, last but not least: a special exhibition of CLP equipment (printers / album makers)

The exhibition proved to be a great success and the feedback was all very positive.

All customers were enthusiastic about the constant development of new products and the innovative, visionary thinking. The marketing toolkit developed by Richard van den Bergh was the highlight of the exhibition – especially the new global website specifically for colour paper, containing extensive information and a tool to illustrate the different paper surfaces.

The icing on the cake: customers from the UK who asked for sample rolls of Textured Canvas paper for testing.

Bottom line: all the visitors really enjoyed the event and are no doubt thinking that they could take better advantage of the AgX quality concept.

It was a well organised, valuable and rewarding visit, and from my point of view the presentation Judith made on the road map of various photographic papers, existing and new, was the most important aspect of the trip. The commitment shown by Fuji towards the ‘original’ photographic paper is a real confidence booster which we can build on with our customer base.

Calum Thomson from Loxley Colour

A real eye-opener, gave me the confidence to see and reassurance that Fuji are still committed to investing in R & D in bringing out new improved C-Type emulsions. Hopefully C-Type is good for the next 5–10 years. Had no idea, how much science was involved in coating paper. Thank you, Fuji, for the education and insight into the science of coating and scale of your facilities and hospitality.

Ken Sethi from Genesis Imaging, CEO

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