Barcelona Opens the First Wonder Photo Shop in Europe

Fujifilm introduces a new concept of a retail photo shop in Europe


On October 8th Fujifilm opened the first Wonder Photo Shop in Europe in Barcelona, in the heart of the city on the street Gran de Grácia No. 1. The shop is built around a range of services to allow the smartphone generation to express their creativity, whether this is via digital images or more traditional analogue photography (instax).  The store concept puts the customer at the heart of the experience, making photo creation fun and entertaining, putting the emphasis on craft and entertainment.

Back in the analogue days 15 years ago, each consumer, on average, took only 70 pictures per year.  Thanks to the ubiquity of digital cameras and smartphones and huge changes in technology for photo sharing and photo texting, that number has increased by a factor of 10.  Most consumers still wish to print: but finding their pictures and organizing them to create fun products is still a challenge. We retouch, edit and share our virtual images. But where do we keep them? What are we doing with them afterwards?

The Wonder Photo Shop in Barcelona forgets the old clinical laboratory-style photo shop, for a radically fresh approach to enable consumers to enjoy a creative, collaborative approach to the traditional chore of picture-making.  After the success of its first store opening in Tokyo in February 2014, and the most recent openings in Shanghai, Singapore and Colombia, Fujifilm intends to open further stores across Europe.

The Wonder Photo Shop also celebrates analogue ‘instant’ photography as much as modern ‘digital’.  In the last year, there has been an explosion in demand for INSTAX cameras and film, with young consumers fascinated that a beautiful print can be created at the touch of a button.  At the Barcelona store, consumers can explore all the latest cameras and films for instax as well as accessories like photo albums, scrap-books, stickers or creative framing.

At the back of the Wonder Photo Shop is a photo studio, which can be used to shoot portraits, or create fun selfies with the help of professional assistants.  Once the perfect shot is created, customers can experiment with different printing techniques to create customized albums.  They can also use glass, wood, plexiglass, aluminum, or forex to make personalised gifts or dramatic wall décor.

Finally, the Wonder Photo Shop will also showcase the latest line-up of Fujifilm X-Series cameras and lenses, which are acclaimed by photographers across the world for exceptional image quality and classic retro design.  Customers are able to ‘touch and try’ these high-end cameras, and experiment with any of the long line-up of exceptional lenses or accessories like grips, flashes or filters.

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