Blue Energy is Dutch National Icon 2016

Blue Energy Afsluitdijk

Blue Energy Afsluitdijk

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp announced the three winning projects of the 'National Icon competition'. One of the winners is Blue Energy, power generation by mixing fresh and salt water. Blue Energy, powered by Fujifilm membranes, is a unique technological solution for a societal problem. The Government helps the National Icons achieve their ambitions and offers them an international platform.

The pilot installation of Blue Energy is located on the closure dam Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands, and produces electricity directly from the difference in salt concentration in the surface water on each side of the dam. The technology is based on reverse electro dialysis (RED), using special designed Fujifilm membranes. Blue Energy has the advantage that it can be generated continually, contrary to solar and wind energy, which are both dependent on availability and the weather.

“Nationaal Icoon” is the title of the awards for the best technological solutions for societal problems. Projects for the National Icons need to be innovative and generate jobs and export. The contest is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, RVO and technology foundation STW.
More information is available on the website of Ministry of Economic Affairs

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