2019 marks 20 years since the launch of the world’s first web based PACS. In 1999 Fujifilm launched SYNAPSE® PACS after recognising the significance of the world wide web and building on their market leading development of computed radiography.

In 1983, Fujifilm had launched Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR), becoming the first company in the world to offer a digital X-ray diagnostic imaging system. Medical professionals quickly learned the benefits of digital diagnostic images, including ease of storage and processing. Images from a variety of tests and procedures could be shared within and between facilities, and the images could even be used for remote diagnosis and consultation.

Recognising this trend, Fujifilm leveraged the technologies it had developed for FCR and took the lead in contributing to the evolution of connectivity within and between medical facilities. What made Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE® concept different was that it used the emerging internet and web technologies instead of private networks. It was, in essence, a web-based PACS: the first in the world.

By offering outstanding medical connectivity based on the convenient and efficient sharing of information, SYNAPSE® made possible initial diagnosis at a local clinic, followed by more complete testing and treatment at a larger medical facility, followed by periodic monitoring at the original local clinic. The rapid rate of adoption of SYNAPSE® was due in large part to its capacity to significantly contribute to the quality of medical care, including support for informed consent.

In 2019, 20 years after it was launched, there are now 5,000 SYNAPSE® PACS systems installed in healthcare facilities around the world, earning Fujifilm the largest market share for PACS worldwide(*).  The Fujifilm spirit of pioneering innovation continues today.  In September 2018 the “SYNAPSE® 3D”(**) image analysis system won “Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018“.  This prestigious international award is made in recognition of superior design, outstanding performance, and excellent operability.  The SYNAPSE® Enterprise Imaging Solutions portfolio continues to grow, incorporating SYNPSE® 5 PACS (5th generation of the original PACS), VNA, 3D, CWM workflow manager and Mobility.  The potential for AI in medical imaging is being explored and developed through the REiLI platform(***) which will combine deep learning with Fujifilm’s image processing heritage. 

(*) Fujifilm estimation based on a set of data from multiple market research studies. 
(**) Synapse 3D is also known as Synapse Vincent is some global markets (Red Dot Award was given to Synapse Vincent)
(***) Fujifilm’s artificial intelligence software is a work in progress and is not commercially available in Europe.

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