Demonstrating the integrated solution of roll-fed digital press & post-print finishing equipment at the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017

Fujifilm Inkjet Technology's advanced print quality and finishing integration for the ultimate in short run printing attracted considerable visitor attention.


SAMBA printhead and sample output reel: Visitors showed particular interest in the outstanding printing quality of test samples, produced with the SAMBA printhead.

Automatic Imposition Adjustment solution based on Hunkeler's Flyfolder Book Solution: Visitors expressed high expectations for the mechanism that substantially boosts the production efficiency of short-run jobs.

Fujifilm enjoyed strong visitor attention at the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017, a four-day exhibition held at Messe Lucerne in the Swiss city of Lucerne from February 20 to 23, with its display of premium-quality output samples based on FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology. Fujifilm showcased its advanced “SAMBA” printhead in integrated solutions combining roll-fed digital printer and post-print finishing equipment, as well as a demonstration of a cutting-edge finishing solution for producing ultra-short run book blocks, by way of automatically switching between different impositions and adjusting data cut lengths.

Hunkeler AG (hereinafter “Hunkeler”), which organized the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017, is a Swiss machine manufacturer for paper finishing with a history of over 90 years, supplying its products worldwide. The Hunkeler Innovationdays is an exhibition of finishing equipment, held every other year since 1994. In recent years, it has emerged as a high-profile exhibition, showcasing exhibits by digital printing manufacturers and vendors from around the world, highlighting the latest developments and trends in digital printing presses and finishing systems. This year's exhibition, containing over 80 exhibiting companies, attracted about 6,000 visitors from 50 countries.

  • Samples showing the outstanding output quality of the SAMBA printhead + water-based ink

At the Fujifilm booth, visitors showed a strong interest in the outstanding quality of the print samples produced with the company's proprietary “FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology.” Fujifilm's inkjet printhead “SAMBA” has a growing market presence, as it is used in the B2 sheet-fed digital press “Jet Press 720S,” about 100 units of which are installed worldwide, as well as a variety of other companies' inkjet presses.
The SAMBA printhead is particularly renowned for its outstanding print quality, backed by the unique ink circulation mechanism “RediJet,” built into the printhead module. Ink is constantly circulated close to the nozzles to prevent nozzle failure attributable to the drying of ink. This mechanism allows the use of fast drying inks, which ensures excellent print quality even without the pre-coating or over-coating processes.
At drupa 2016, the company unveiled a roll-fed digital press featuring the SAMBA printhead (1200dpi). This time, the exhibition showcased the SAMBA print bar as well as its test output samples. Visitors were impressed by the “fully saturated colors”, “deep black” and “strong contrast” of the print samples, as well as the strong ink surface. The display proved the superiority of FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology, which brings an advanced level of quality to digital web presses for applications in commercial printing.

  • Enabling multiple impositions of different cut lengths

Another item that attracted visitor attention was the demonstration of the Automatic Imposition Adjustment solution, using Hunkeler's “Flyfolder Book Solution” book production system. The Flyfolder Book Solution is one of the solutions that make up the FUJIFILM Smart Factory, unveiled by Fujifilm at drupa 2016 as the “future of the printing factory.”
The Automatic Imposition Adjustment solution prints Hunkeler's proprietary “Data Matrix” information code, containing post-print finishing data, to a printing reel that includes four-page imposition and six-page imposition. The Flyfolder Book Solution reads this information to instantaneously adjust folds and cut-off sizes to produce book blocks.
Previously, it was impossible to adjust cut lengths during printing, making it necessary to separate four-page imposition jobs from six-page imposition jobs in different book sizes before printing. However, this leaves blank paper when switching between different impositions, and involves extra workload for sorting jobs according to imposition types, thereby lowering productivity. The Automatic Imposition Adjustment solution adopts the technology of Fujifilm's XMF workflow system to perform unique pre-processing that allows the combination of jobs with different cut lengths to be managed. This is an innovative mechanism that minimizes loss, making the most of the advantages of digital presses and the functionality of processing equipment. It dramatically improves ganging efficiency and gives a substantial productivity boost to the mass processing of short-run jobs.

Fujifilm will continue to further evolve its proprietary technologies, including FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology, and collaborate with various manufacturers, contributing to the transformation of the printing industry.

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