ECR 2016: Fujifilm presents addition to award-winning DR Panel lineup


FUJIFILM Europe Medical Systems Division will showcase its award-winning DR Panel lineup at the 22nd annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna from March 2-6. Following on from a successful 2015 in which their new generation DR Panel, the FDR D-EVOII, was awarded both the Red Dot and iF Design Awards; FUJFILM is now planning to release the world’s first long DR panel, the FDR D-EVO GL.

Designed to acquire long-length radiography for scoliosis imaging and/or long leg exams with a fast and simple single exposure and featuring a huge 43 x 125cm field of view, the FDR D-EVO GL saves time and enhances efficiency and image quality for upright long-length radiography exams. Conventional DR systems require multiple exposures, increasing acquisition time, chances for movement between exposures and radiation to the patient. The FDR D-EVO GL makes it possible to obtain full length information from a single exposure, minimizing the likelihood of patient movement while producing clear, sharp images at a low dose.

“DR long view imaging has until now been subject to a much higher risk of patient movement than equivalent CR examinations by virtue of the fact it involved multiple separate exposures” said Hidetoshi Izawa, European Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH. “By returning the long view exam to a single exposure, the FDR D-EVOGL reduces the risk of movement for paediatric and geriatric patients while capitalizing on the dose and image quality benefits that come hand in hand with using DR technology.”

The FUJIFILM DR panel portfolio was already extensive with solutions ranging from the original cassette-sized FDR D-EVO to the award winning FDR-D-EVOII and the high performance D-EVO Advanced with Energy Subtraction and Tomosynthesis support. The addition of the new FDR D-EVOGL adds a new layer of flexibility to better cover the varied workflow that exists within imaging departments today and demonstrates FUJIFILM’s ongoing commitment to improving general x-ray workflow and image quality in all areas of the hospital.

The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo X3, Booth Nr. 209. 

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