Experience, test and admire: the new AgX colour paper products at Photokina

Experience, test and admire

Experience, test and admire

The entire universe of our original photo paper was on display at the world’s leading trade fair for the imaging and photographic industries, which was held in Cologne, Germany, from 20 to 25 September, 2016.

The stand was a great stage for our colour paper products and supports the new corporate identity perfectly: the logo and the claim –‘Make it an original’– were visible and compelling, and the overall company slogan –‘Value from innovation’– was evident in every product, demonstrating Fujifilm’s visionary thinking and continuous innovation.

Powerful campaign for colour paper

Besides promoting all our new products, the marketing team has created and launched a powerful promotional campaign for the AgX paper, including a marketing toolkit and a global website offering new material and information about colour paper.

The goal is to provide consistent marketing which is centrally accessible for all our partners and colour paper enthusiasts. The toolkit contains:

  • A sample box with all the various paper surfaces
  • A brochure explaining the marketing strategy 
  • Sales sheets 
  • Photo paper quality logo 
  • Images and many more items 


New types of photo paper and their various applications

The numerous applications for our photographic paper line were on display; customers could see the outstanding lay-flat photo albums and marvel at the beautiful, creative wall decoration.

Within this area we showed the newest additions such as Textured Linen and Leather – two new, unique professional textured paper surfaces. Textured Leather was displayed within the wall decor to demonstrate how well it functions as a wall decoration centrepiece, either framed or mounted.

Another colour paper premiere: Velvet type S. The thickness (170µm) is ideal for album creations and the unique deep-matte finish gives a fine art look. Many customers were amazed by the quality and feel of the paper. Customers were also interested in an 18’’ Velvet book that Fujifilm created in combination with ISAG’s fastBook Professional print system – a truly beautiful book illustrating the various possibilities of Velvet paper.

Photo album highlights meet market demands

The photo album market keeps growing and the demand for more pages in a photo album is increasing steadily. To meet this demand, we displayed a new development within the album paper segment: Album Paper XS. Album Paper XS (X-tra slim) is 135µm thick, creating the AgX ‘WOW’ factor with exceptional handling properties. The thin Album Paper XS is ideal for cover creations.

Fujifilm presented a range of albums that can hold up to 25% more pages thanks to this paper’s features. The Glossy and Lustre surfaces incorporate the innovative ‘X-tra coat’ top layer technology to prevent pages from becoming sticky under extreme environmental conditions and high humidity.

As well as the commercial albums, we also create professional (wedding) albums with our new Professional Line: Velvet type H, Textured Linen and Canvas Matte.

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