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First collective company water treatment in the Netherlands

First collective company water treatment in the Netherlands

First collective company water treatment in the Netherlands

Four large companies – Coca-Cola, Fujifilm, IFF and Agristo – together with Cofely and the De Dommel Water board – have fulfilled their goal of reducing the environmental impact of their operations to a minimum, and have launched a collective waste water treatment plant (WWTP). It is located on the Fujifilm production site in Tilburg.

This first joint water treatment plant is an important milestone for the four companies. Just after starting up, the facility is running at a capacity of 200 million litres of water per month. The joint target is a total of over 300 million litres per month. A team of experts is fine-tuning the plant to achieve this volume.

The joint waste water treatment has many advantages. The plant has a low level of energy consumption and Cofely implements the latest water treatment technology. After treatment, the waste water is discharged as clean water into the Wilhelmina Canal, making it available for reuse by the four companies, or for another sustainable use in the Tilburg region. Additionally, the sludge released after waste water treatment can be upgraded into biogas. Furthermore, extra sewage treatment capacity is to be created for the Tilburg region by the De Dommel Water Board.

The plant is to be officially opened once it is operating at full capacity.

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