FUJIFILM announces development of new hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500 for X-Series cameras


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it is developing a new high-end external flash “SHOE MOUNT FLASH EF-X500”. The EF-X500 allows users to expand their photography with high-speed synchronisation and multiple flash TTL auto functions. It will be added to the premium camera “X-Series” system accessory line-up in May 2016.

Main Features

  • Low-profile, premium design that is perfectly suited to compact and lightweight X-Series cameras.
  • High-speed synchronisation (FP) that supports the 1/8000 sec. shutter found in the FUJIFILM X-Pro2.
  • Multiple flash-unit TTL auto function unleashes users' creativity by allowing them to control any lighting conditions.
  • Weather and dust resistant making it the perfect companion for the FUJIFILM X-T1 and X-Pro2, which have the same levels of protection.

Main Specifications


Hot-shoe mount flash

Guide Number


50/164 (ISO100・m/ft.) at 105 mm zoom head position, equivalent to 35mm format.


24mm-105mm equivalent to 35mm format.

When the extendable wide panel is pulled out, the flash coverage is approx.. 20 mm.

Bounce capability

Flash head tilts down to 10° or up to 90° and rotates horizontally 135° to the left and 180° to the right.

Color temperature

Approx. 5600K

Flash modes

TTL / Manual / Multi.(repeating flash)

Flash exposure compensation

-5.0 - +5.0, 1/3 step

(The available range and step depend on camera models)

High-speed synchronisation (FP)

Capable (supported camera only)


1/1 - 1/512, 1/3 step

Multi.(repeating flash)

1/4 - 1/512, 1/3 step, 1-500Hz, 2 – 100 flashes

Wireless communication type

Optical pulse communication (in multiple flash-unit photography operation)

Wireless modes

Master and Remote

Communication cannels

From 1 to 4.

Remote groups

Up to three groups (A/B/C)

Power source

Four LR6 (AA-size) alkaline batteries,

four FR6 (AA-size) lithium batteries, or

four HR6 (AA-size) rechargeable Ni-MH batteries


External Power Source

BATTERY PACK EF-BP1 (optional)


W67.5 x H123.9 x D106 (mm)

 * Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Digital Cameras