Fujifilm announces new Acuity Select 20 series

Option of light colours and a range of additional new features offer customers another step up in quality, and even more productivity


Fujifilm Acuity Select

Fujifilm is pleased to announce the release of the new Acuity Select 20 series. Introduced as a replacement to the existing Acuity Advance Select series, it maintains all the advantages of the popular and highly successful Acuity UV flatbed printer, including near-photographic image quality, print speeds up to 33.6 square metres per hour, versatility and ease of use to produce a wide variety of applications on a range of substrates up to 50.8mm thick. Fujifilm will showcase the new Acuity Select 20 at FESPA Digital 2016 in Amsterdam.

The Acuity Select 20 series is now available, and incorporates the following new features:

Print quality
The 20 series includes the option of using light cyan and light magenta to further enhance print quality for those producing fine art or photographic images.

The addition of a pneumatic pin registration system delivers quick and easy media loading and an optional automated printhead maintenance system improves productivity further. The latest UV lamp technology allows for thinner, more sensitive media to be printed.

Vacuum system
Now features an improved high-pressure vacuum system, designed to reduce the need for masking of the bed for easy loading of media.

With the addition of light inks, the new series is available in three channel variations (4, 6 & 8 channels) across eight new models offering the outstanding print quality required for photographic and fine art applications.The new Acuity Select 20 series will also be available in both the standard (2.5 x 1.25m) and X2 (2.5 x 3.08m) print-bed sizes, with a roll option available for both.

The Acuity Select 20 series combines greyscale technology with a true flatbed architecture for the highest possible print quality, ensuring that the Acuity brand retains its justified reputation as the market leader in its field. The Select 20 is suited to graphic display printers who require high quality printing on both rigid & flexible media, and offers mid-volume printers the opportunity to add capacity while also improving quality. The new features offered by the series will also enable speciality and industrial printers currently using analogue print technologies to easily make the transition to digital printing to help improve production flexibility and enhance profitability.

Says Mike Battersby, Marketing Manager at Fujifilm “The Acuity Select 20 series builds on nearly a decade of unrivalled success for Acuity flatbed printers, from the launch of the Acuity 2504 in 2007 through to the Acuity F, introduced in 2014. The Acuity range has established a deserved reputation for the best print quality available. In keeping with that tradition, the Acuity Select 20 series has been designed with a focus on quality, versatility, reliability and ease of use, so printers across the industry can capture the imagination of their customers by producing stunning, rigid and flexible prints on almost any media.”

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