FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants’ Tom Annable Leads The Way With Aqueous Pigment Dispersions At The IMI Europe Ink Jet Conference

Presentation at IMI Europe conference voted by attendees as the event's best.

With a focus on how pigment dispersion design can assist in addressing the technical challenges facing formulators of water-based pigment inks in high throughput applications, the presentation by Dr Tom Annable of FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) has been selected for top honours by attendees of the Information Management Institute's (IMI) Europe 18th Annual Ink Jet Conference held 27th – 29th October, 2010 in Lisbon. His presentation, titled "Advanced Pigment Dispersion Technology For A New Age Of Printing," can be downloaded at free of charge. The development of reliable pigmented ink jet inks are considered as important to support the rapid expansion of ink jet into commercial print markets. The influence of pigment dispersions in water-based ink jet ink performance is an often under-rated factor in ink design. The chemistry used to separate the pigment particles can affect the ink stability, the size of the formulation ‘window’ and have significant influence on the final print performance.  With the emerging, unique demands of high throughput printing these challenges are exaggerated and additional manufacturing requirements to enable high ink reliability also come into play. “It was a great opportunity to highlight the challenges being faced by ink formulators and how raw material suppliers can enable these formulators to make step changes in aqueous ink performance.” commented Dr Annable. “I’m delighted that the audience found the presentation to be valuable.”
In the presentation, Dr Annable highlights FUJIFILM Imaging Colorant’s 25 years of innovation and excellence in aqueous inkjet colorant design and manufacturing highlighting how this now applies to emerging market opportunities, and what changing requirements this places on aqueous ink jet inks and their components. Working through the fundamental theory of pigment dispersion stability he explains how differing dispersion technologies handle the challenges of higher solvent levels in aqueous inks, before advancing onto how print performance can be affected by the pigment dispersion when optimised for the target substrate. He also talks through the performance achieved by FUJIFILM Imaging Colorant’s Reactive Dispersion (RxDTM) pigment technology in their Pro-JetTM APD 1000 product range, a product set developed through FFIC’s expertise in colour science, organic and polymeric chemistry. These products are manufactured using state of the art dispersion technology and proprietary FFIC purification technology at its Grangemouth facility in Scotland. The annual IMI Europe Ink Jet Conference is one in the IMI series covering ink jet, thermal, high speed digital printing, security, industrial and other forms of digital printing that draw more than 2,000 professionals to various events in the United States and Europe annually. Designed to give participants a thorough assessment of technology and market development trends that will determine ink jet's role in the overall printing marketplace, the formal and informal sessions provide a unique, interactive environment for leading hardware, consumables, components, system integrator and user company representatives to network and to develop an improved understanding of the forces shaping the evolving digital printing industry. About FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative, high performance aqueous colorants for the ink jet printing market. With a rich heritage in colour chemistry, an enviable track record in product innovation, strong proprietary technology and extensive development and manufacturing capabilities FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants brings a unique combination of true innovation and manufacturing scale to ink jet colorant supply. A wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants is headquartered in Manchester UK with manufacturing facilities in Grangemouth UK and New Castle, Delaware . The company sells and supports its products worldwide with offices in the United States, Europe and Japan. For more information, visit Pro-Jet and RxD are trademarks of FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited. FUJIFILM is a trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation. FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants contact
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