Fujifilm Italy will attend the 47th National Congress of Italian Radiology Association (SIRM).

Celebrating the 50th anniversary in European market, Fujifilm Italy will attend the 47th National Congress of Italian Radiology Association (SIRM).

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Fujifilm Medical Systems

145 sqm filled with pure technology and innovation: this is what it will be made available from September 15th to 18th to all Fujifilm Italy visitors in pavillion 6 in “Mostra d’Oltremare” conference centre, in Napoli.The booth has been designed to celebrate such an important anniversary, still with the intention of highlighting the technology level which has been reached by Fujifilm products and services in radiology market, and to enhance Fujifilm’s commitment in providing innovative solutions in  medical imaging.From patients registration to exams data digital copy production, an ideal path will allow the visitors to take full understanding of all advantages provided by Fujifilm portfolio, along the whole workflow which is typical of each radiology dept.

An important section of the booth will be dedicated to modality portfolio, with a particular attention to women’s health products: beside the state-of-the art digital mammography system, Amulet Innovality, innovative tools for biopsy will be shown, as well as a diagnostic workstation specifically designed for mammography.The whole FDR D-Evo II lineup will be presented with all available models in terms of size and clinical potentialities: from retrofit installation to mobile usage, from pediatric to emergency and operathing theatres application.
Featuring a full integration with D-Evo II, Visionary DRF unit will appear for the first time among Fujifilm Italy products: an RF table provided with dynamic panel, capable of superior flexibility and easiness of use.

Another news is represented by the appearance of FujifilmVisualsonics equipment: the worldwide leader in high frequency ultrasound systems will introduce the new Vevo MD, a superior class unit featured with unbeaten image quality, thanks to UHF trasducers (15 to 71 MHz) able to reach 30 µm spatial resolution.

Part of the booth is dedicated to Synapse, the powerful informatic platform for the optimal management of diagnostic and clinical images, medical data and workflows. Thanks to the presence of numerous workstations, you’ll be able to experience a perfectly "connected” and "collaborative" business model, the key features to maximize the success in patient care.

In particular, the Synapse platform includes elements aimed for improving the collaboration between operators of healthcare organizations and to optimize information sharing and workflow: PACS and multidisciplinary workflow manager, the software suite for advanced viewing and processing of diagnostic images, the repository and universal viewer for all clinical imaging. In order to provide enterprise solutions to healthcare organizations, there will be present some additional innovative features such as self-service kiosks, able to increase the citizens’s empowerment, and 3D printing of some organs, evidence of Fujifilm's ability to improve clinical and surgical accuracy of the operators.

Fujifilm stand – Padiglione nr 6, stand 656-661

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