Fujifilm launches an instant smartphone printer, instax SHARE SP-1 — with the proprietary app offering a variety of templates

Fujifilm instax Share SP-1

Fujifilm instax Share SP-1

Real time template

Real time template

SNS template</br>(for Facebook and Instagram)

SNS template
(for Facebook and Instagram)

Limited edition template

Limited edition template

Square template

Square template

FUJIFILM Corporation will launch a smartphone printer, instax SHARE SP-1. This printer enables easy creation of instax prints using images sent wirelessly from a smartphone. Fujifilm’s instax mini instant cameras, which output photos in the traditional analog style, are becoming popular among teenage girls and women in their early 20s in many countries. To accommodate requests from users who wish to create such instax prints from smartphone images, we have developed instax SHARE SP-1 that enables easy and quick creation of instax prints from smartphone images. Via the downloaded proprietary app*1, it is possible to send images from a smartphone to instax SHARE SP-1 wirelessly and print them in the instax frames with a simple on-the-spot operation. The app offers various features such as image enlargement/reduction and filters like black & white/sepia. A diverse lineup of templates is also available, making photo printing more enjoyable. The Real Time Template, on which the date/time, place, weather, temperature and humidity are printed on the photo, makes a one and only print in the world. With the Limited Edition Template, each print is marked with a serial number like a limited item, making a memory with people you cherish more precious. On SNS Template, the images uploaded to social networking service (SNS)*2 sites are printed with the profile photo and the number of likes. Fujifilm will keep expanding attractive features of instax cameras which offer enjoyable instant photography and printing, while communicating the intrinsic values of photography in the different aspects of “taking, preserving, decorating and giving.”

*1:    Free app for Android phones and iPhones. Downloadable from GooglePlay for Android phones and from App Store for iPhones. Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is used under license by Aiphone Co., Ltd.
*2:    The template is for images uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is a trademark or a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Instagram is a trademark or a registered trademark of Instagram, Inc.

1. Product name: Fujifilm smartphone printer instax SHARE SP-1

2. Main Features:

(1) Easy and quick wireless smartphone photo printing via the proprietary app
(2) Easy creation of copies with the REPRINT button
(3) The proprietary app offers various templates that make photo printing more enjoyable

[1] Real Time Template
The date/time, place, weather, temperature and humidity are printed with the image. This template is suitable for enjoying travel photos and keeping a record of your baby.

[2] Limited Edition Template
Each print is marked with a serial number like a limited item. A memory shared with people you cherish will be even more precious. This template is recommended for the photos taken at parties and other events where many people gather.

[3] SNS Template
Template suitable for printing the images uploaded to SNS. With the profile photo and the number of likes indicated, the print offers great fun in tandem with SNS.

[4] Square Template
Template that fits the photo cropped into a square. It is possible to write your comments and messages to make the memory more vivid.


Fujifilm instant Color Film “instax mini” (Sold separately)

Film size


Image size


Supported image size

640×480 dots

Printing resolution

10 dots/mm (254 dpi)

Printing levels

256 levels per color (RGB)


Standard compliance: IEEE802.11b/g, Operation frequency: 2412 MHz to 2462 MHz (11ch), Access method: Infrastructure


Supported image format


Printing time

Image recording - photo output (fed out): Approx. 16 sec.

Power supply

• Two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries

• AC power adapter (sold separately: AC-5VX)

Printing capacity

Approx. 100 prints (when CR2 lithium batteries are used)

(Based on our test conditions)

Power consumption

2.5 W

Operating temperature

+5°C to +40°C (no condensation)


101.6 mm × 42 mm × 122.5 mm/253g (without battery and film pack)



  • Photo Imaging