Fujifilm wins FedEC energy prize 2016


Fujifilm in Tilburg has won the FedED energy prize. FedEC  President Isabelle Sternheim gave the FedEC Energy Prize Industry 2016 to Jef Verboven of FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.
Fujifilm has won the award because of the vision on sustainability and the realization of sustainable energy. The other nominees were production companies Invista and IAC.

During the Industrial Processing event (4 till 7 October in the Jaarbeurs  Utrecht) it was made known which Industrial company – by FedEC members - was the best in making their production more sustainable. An expert panel with Martin Jongstra (RvO), Judith Gerretsen (RvO) and Kornelis Blok (Ecofys) gave their opinion of the subscriptions.

Of all submissions, production companies IAC, Invista and Fujifilm were nominated because of their remarkable efforts for making the production more sustainable and improvement of energy efficiency.  The jury praised IAC as a school example how to get from energy management to realizing economizing energy counter measures for room conditioning. Invista achieved this in the same way, with more saving counter measures. Fujifilm appeared to be the best in strong long-term vision on making the entire organization more sustainable and the contribution to the development of membranes for green and blue energy.

The energy prize Industry 2016 is an initiative of the working group Industry of FedEC, who puts effort in sharing knowledge and supports with energy savings in the industry.