Fujifilm’s production process operates 100% on wind energy

Fujifilm’s production process operates 100% on wind energy

Fujifilm’s production process operates 100% on wind energy

Fujifilm takes its commitment to social green energy seriously. We are extending our partnership with the energy company Eneco.

Fujifilm derives 100% of the power it uses from wind energy. In 2016, our five on-site windmills delivered 24 million kWh and the remaining 68 million kWh came from an external wind farm.

Partially powered by wind since 2011, Fujifilm, in partnership with Dutch energy supplier Eneco, has now made wind the energy source for its entire Tilburg operations. The wind turbines that drive the plant’s manufacturing activities are located on-site and in nearby Zeeland. The 100 gigawatt hours of energy they generate for the Fujifilm facility is equivalent to the power needed to supply 30,000 homes.

Peter Struik, President-Director of Fujifilm Europe B.V.:

We are very proud that we are able to take this step together with Eneco. Sustainability is of great importance to a healthy future for Fujifilm. We strive for a good balance between sustainable operations and economic feasibility.

Marc van der Linden, member of the Board of Management of the Eneco Group:

This is an important further landmark in our years of sustainable cooperation with Fujifilm. From a strong joint vision: energy must be sustainable and, as much as possible, locally produced.

The goals for 2017 include reducing the company’s energy consumption by an additional 1.6%

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