New: Fujinon wide-angle lens for Machine Vision

FUJINON HF-XA series from Fujifilm is extended with a 6mm lens compatible with 2/3” and 5 megapixel sensors.


FUJIFILM Europe GmbH has announced the release of the new lens HF6XA-5M for Machine Vision applications as an addition to the Fujinon HF-XA series. This new lens offers 6mm focal length, supports 3.45 µm pixel pitch on a 2/3” sensor format (equals 5 megapixels) and delivers stable sharpness from the image center to the corners.  

The Fujinon HF-XA series consists of five high performance fixed focal length lenses with focal lengths between 8mm and 35mm. The new lens HF6XA-5M enlarges the HF-XA series at the wide end with a focal length of 6mm for 2/3” sensors. With an angle of view of 75° x 58° (on 2/3”) and a MOD of 100mm the lens fits perfectly to applications that require a short working distance and a wide image angle at the same time. The lens maintains the high resolving power of 5 megapixels (3.45 µm pixel pitch) from the image center to all corners even when the aperture is wide open under low light conditions as well as over changing working distances. Thanks to the small body measuring just 33mm in outer diameter and the slightly larger front lens of 39mm, the HF6XA-5M can easily be integrated into compact inspection devices with restricted internal space in industrial image processsing. Furthermore, each lens has three holes for locking screws that allow for the iris and the focus ring to be adjusted from more flexible angles.

1. Product name and focal length

HF6XA-5M 6mm F1.9 MOD 100mm

2. Main features :

  • a. Short focal length: with the short focal length of 6mm on 2/3” the lens covers a wide angle of view even at a short working distance
  • b. 5 Megapixel resolution: The lens maintains high resolution from the image center to the corners and fully resolves at the pixel pitch of 3.45 μm for 2/3” camera sensors - even with change of working distances and apertures
  • c. Compact and lightweight body: with a front lens diameter of only 39mm the lens contributes to the reduction of the overall system size
  • d. Designed for installation convenience: Three screw holes each are provided on the iris ring and the focus ring. Choose the most convenient position for affixing iris and focus even when space is limited in imaging systems


In 2016, Fujifilm released the Fujinon HF-XA series of five lenses for Machine Vision applications.This lens series achieves both constant high resolution even with changing working distances and aperture settings and a compact design with an external diameter of 29.5mm. In order to respond to the need for a wide-angle lens with even wider coverage of an object, the new 6mm lens HF6XA-5M was developed. With this addition, Fujifilm´s portfolio of lenses for Machine Vision can cover even more applications, is more versatile in use and therefore more valuable for the customers.


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