Overview of the Fujifilm Exhibition at Photokina 2016


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that the company will be participating in Photokina 2016, the world’s largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries, held in Cologne, Germany on September 20-25, 2016. Fujifilm’s corporate slogan “Value from Innovation” will also serve as the company’s Photokina 2016 exhibition slogan, and we will be exhibiting products and solutions from a wide range of photographic and imaging fields—from input through to output—created with Fujifilm’s proprietary and innovative technologies that offer new value.

Fujifilm’s exhibition will include a Touch & Try Corner for our X Series of premium mirrorless cameras, never-before-seen super enlarged silver halide prints of images captured with our X Series cameras, and an impressive gallery featuring silver halide prints of works created by X-Photographers. There will also be displays of the fun and enjoyment to be had with instant photos, the immersive photo and brand experience concept store Wonder Photo Shop, as well as a range of products and services that only a company with the technological prowess and wealth of experience of Fujifilm is able to offer. Staff at our Touch & Try Corner look forward to welcoming all visitors to come and try out our products and services for themselves.

Fujifilm Exhibition Outline

At Photokina 2016, our exhibition will be divided into two separate areas: the General Area (digital cameras and photo imaging) and the Retail Area. Both these areas will display a wide range of products and services.

Digital cameras

  •   X Series Touch & Try Corner

This corner will feature the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 which was released this spring, the flagship model FUJIFILM X-T2 which is scheduled for release in September, and the FUJIFILM X-A3 which was announced on August 25 this year. Moreover, in addition to the compact, lightweight XF23mmF2 R WR lens, we have further enhanced our lineup of interchangeable lenses (from 15 to 23) and visitors will have the opportunity to try out our complete lineup for themselves. We look forward to welcoming visitors to experience Fujifilm’s amazingly high image quality and color reproduction capabilities, and the resolving power of our FUJINON high quality lenses that are used by professionals throughout the world.

  • X-Photographers Stage 

A special stage has been set up to present a series of live talk shows by 16 professional photographers from seven countries around the world, active in such fields as fashion, documentaries, motor sports and nature photography. These “X-Photographers” will introduce some of their own photographic creations taken with X Series cameras, discuss their personal impressions of the various cameras, and explain the various benefits of Fujifilm’s X Series digital cameras.
For further details, please see the dedicated X-series @ photokina webpage.

At the newly-established Live Demo Corner, X-Photographers will also hold workship-style sessions to introduce the diverse array of advantages of using X Series cameras (including, the high image quality, outstanding color reproduction, easy operability and the compactness and easy portability not seen with other digital single lens reflex cameras). 

  • X-Photographers Gallery

This gallery will feature works created by the X-Photographers taking part in the live talk shows displayed on silver halide prints on professional paper. Come along and see for yourself enlarged prints that highlight the outstanding image quality, color reproduction and power of expression for which X Series cameras are renowned. There will also be super enlarged prints at the entrance to the Fujifilm booth, where visitors are sure to be overwhelmed by the sheer size and breathtaking quality of the prints.

  • Quick Maintenance Service

We are also providing free of charge cleaning and simple maintenance services for Fujifilm digital cameras and lenses as well as firmware updates. Please note that these services will apply to Fujifilm X Series cameras and XF/XC lenses only (reservations not required, opening times: 10:00–17:00).

  • Camera Rental Service

Throughout the duration of Photokina 2016, we will also be providing a camera rental service at the X Series Corner of the Fujifilm booth. Cameras available for rental are the X-T2, X-Pro2, X-E2S, X-T10, X100T and the X70, as well as a variety of XF lenses (all rentals free of charge, reservations not required).
For further details, please see the dedicated X Series @ photokina webpage.

  • Free of charge print services for X Series users

Owners of our X Series camera and users of our X Series camera rental service will also be able to benefit from the free of charge print service we will be providing throughout the duration of Photokina 2016. This service entitles users to receive a silver halide print from the Frontier LP5700R and an original picture frame at our Wonder Photo Shop Corner.

Just bring along the image you have taken with an X Series camera that you would like to have printed, and we will provide you with an X Series high-resolution silver halide print with the kind of stunning color reproduction that only Fujifilm is able to achieve.

Photo Imaging

  • instax

At our instax corner, we will introduce our rich lineup of instax cameras that have been designed to suit all lifestyles and tastes. We will be setting up a print experience booth where visitors will be able to witness a wide variety of ways to enjoy instax, including taking photos and printing with the instax mini 70, the instax WIDE 300 and the instax SHARE SP-2 smartphone printer. The booth will also feature a gallery with exhibits of instant photos taken by “instax photographers” from around the world.

In addition to presenting our wide range of camera variations, we will also showcase the new “instax mini film Monochrome”, and our lineup of peripheral accessories, which have been greatly enhanced in recent years.

This corner promotes the further expansion of ways to enjoy instax cameras and accessories. Drop by and check out the wealth of instax attractions on offer.

  • Wonder Photo Shop

The Fujifilm booth will also feature a Wonder Photo Shop, the immersive photo and brand experience concept store that serves as a base for communicating new ways to enjoy photographs in the smartphone age. In addition to a wide variety of value-added print materials and print ordering terminals, the Wonder Photo Shop will be a place where visitors can discover new ways to enjoy photos with photo frames, albums and a range of photo accessories.

Visitors will be able to receive free of charge a range of variety prints of images taken with their smartphones or digital cameras including our Designer’s Print and Shuffle Print services.

The fun of “shooting” “preserving” “displaying” and “gifting” photos will be exhibited at the Wonder Photo Shop Corner.

  • Wall Décor

The main theme of our Wall Décor Corner is “displaying photos,” and here we will provide a variety of related print surfaces, frames, and photo processing and finishing. From displaying works of art at galleries through to products aimed at displaying photos in the enjoyment of your own home, this corner will include a wide variety of photo display-related exhibits. Come along and discover new ways of displaying photos that suit your needs perfectly and experience the ever-expanding fun of photos.

Trade Area
For visitors who run their own photo shops, photo labs, and other photo-related businesses, we have a variety of devices, machines and software that respond to all your in-house requirements, as well as a range of solutions that feature combinations of these.

  • By introducing a KIOSK terminal, which combines ordering software for multiple print services with a compact printer, even visitors who have never operated a photo business before will be able to develop your own businesses in a space-efficient way to target the photo requirements of smartphone users.
  • For minilab operators, we offer a variety of infrastructure, products and services aimed at enhancing your store capabilities and expanding your business with onsite instant processing for same day services. These include the high quality and multiple print services made possible by combining the Order Terminal software and Frontier minilab machines, a variety of bookbinding machines to produce Photobooks, Wall Décor created with wide inkjet printer, and transfer printers to create a diverse array of photo products.
  • Through our collaborations with bookbinding machine manufacturer Imaging Solutions AG, we are able to offer high quality, lay flat Photobooks that leverage Fujifilm’s high resolution and multi-surface silver halide prints. 
  • In our Lab area, we will introduce a business model that enables photo shops or retailers to expand their product lineup to include Wall Décor, Photobooks and other gift products by connecting up with our shop-oriented software, and online and mobile software.
  • Among our wide range of value-added products, Wall Décor is seen as the product with the greatest potential for growth, and Fujifilm is offering a full gamut of solutions from ordering right through to production.
  • We will also introduce the model of event photo business with our lightweight and highly mobile Thermal Printer, and our compact yet high image quality Inkjet Printer.

All our members of staff look forward to welcoming you to the Fujifilm booth.

* Please note that schedules for the release of some products and services may differ according to the country or region.

  • Digital Cameras