Fujfilm's Multi-Color-Correction Layer breakthrough

Fujifilm innovations are raising color fidelity to capture delicate hues beyond the range of previous films. Our Multi-Color-Correction Layer (MCCL) technology works along the same principles as the human eye.

Human vision makes fine distinctions between shades of color. We distinguish between subtle shades of green, for example, by subtracting the red component of light. To replicate this ability in color film, we developed a green-color-correction layer that suppresses red when capturing green colors. This achieves more faithful green, blue-green and yellow-green hues.

We were also the first to introduce a red-color-correction layer in a color reversal film. This more clearly differentiates red, orange, vermilion and scarlet hues. It suppresses sensitivity to green when capturing red colors, the opposite of a green-color-correction layer.

Similarly, our new blue-color-correction layer reduces sensitivity to green light when capturing blue colors. This faithfully differentiates between shades of navy blue, sky blue and aquamarine.

Proprietary PSHC coupler technology for purer colors and stability

FUJICHROME T64, Velvia 100F and ASTIA 100F color reversal films feature our proprietary Pure, Stable & High-Performance Dye-Forming Coupler (PSHC) technology. PSHC employs completely new color couplers (the basic yellow, magenta and cyan color forming compounds). These advanced couplers ensure high color purity and long-term image stability.

New yellow coupler

FUJICHROME T64, ASTIA 100F and Velvia 100F color reversal films use our patented new yellow coupler (S Coupler) technology. This dramatically reduces magenta absorption, a major cause of color impurity. The result is exceptionally pure and clean yellow color formation.

New magenta coupler

Featured in Fujifilm color paper and reversal films, our new magenta coupler (V coupler) greatly reduces absorption of yellow and cyan to produce magenta hues of extremely high purity.

New cyan coupler

Another Fujifilm patent, our new cyan coupler (x coupler) technology, is also now featured in our color reversal film. Compared with conventional couplers, this revolutionary new cyan coupler sharply reduces magenta and yellow influence to create pure cyan hues.

Proprietary MSSC technology for exceptional rms granularity of 7*

Fujichrome color reversal films feature our advanced Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal (MMSC) technology, which provides finer grain and enables higher speeds. It works by efficiently guiding photons to the light-sensitive elements of the film. T64 and ASTIA 100F have exceptional root-mean-square (rms) granularity of 7*, while Velvia 100F has rms granularity of 8*.


* Root-mean-square (rms) granularity figures on this page are Fujifilm's own test results. The lower the rms figure, the finer the grain. As color negative film is tested by a different system than color reversal film, rms granularity figures cannot be compared directly.