Luxel V-8

High quality B1 violet photopolymer platesetter available in manual, semi-automatic, single and multi-cassette autoloading versions, capable of producing up to 38pph (2400 dpi) or 55pph (1200 dpi).

Luxel V-8 CTP at a glance:

  • Up to 38 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (without punch)
  • Maximum plate size of 1160mm x 960mm (without punch)
  • Suitable for use with Superia PRO-V low chemistry violet plate

Compatible with all common B1 and B2 press sizes with a maximum plate size of 1160mm x 960mm

Suitable for a wide range of web and sheetfed printing applications, the violet Luxel V-8 offers a highly flexible format size. With a maximum plate size of 1160mm x 960mm x 0.3mm, the Luxel V-8 is compatible with all B1 and B2 presses. In addition, the smallest size of 500mm x 400mm x 0.15mm further extends the systems flexibility. Optional integrated punching enables the production of press-ready plates for most commercial sheetfed presses. Custom punches are available, as is a range of offline transfer punches to meet all formats.

Plate production speeds of up to 38 x B1 plates per hour at 2400dpi allow unrivalled plate turnaround

With a two laser configuration, Fujifilm's Luxel V-8 delivers up to 38 B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi, and 55 at 1200 dpi (without punch).

Easy to use, service and maintain

Advanced technology and its application to simplify machine operation is one of Fujifilm's strengths. An innovative menu-driven, touch screen interface features icons and graphics for quick and easy machine operation and maintenance. The maintenance and serviceability of the system has also been designed with the use of remote diagnostics in mind.

Designed and manufactured for exceptional reliability

Fujifilm's engineers designed the Luxel V-8 to be a highly reliable plate production system. Built using many proven elements from its predecessor, the Luxel V-9600CTP, it easily copes with long shifts. Having a high-speed platesetting solution is only an advantage if the system keeps working day in and day out. That's why Fujifilm have focused on driving OUT complexity and designing IN reliability from day one of the product's development.

Lower cost of ownership

A significant benefit enjoyed by Luxel V-8 users is the low cost of ownership. The use of single or dual, low cost violet laser diodes enables higher levels of plate production without incurring the expense of maintaining 32 or 64 independent thermal laser diodes. In addition, the use of Brillia LP-NV means that systems are kept in production for up to 8 weeks without down time for processor cleaning.

Integrated, cost-effective, high-quality plate output solution

The violet Luxel V-8 platesetter is complemented by Fujifilm's commercial violet plate, Superia PRO-V. Manufactured with quality, speed and flexibility as its major benefits, the Luxel V-8 together with PRO-V will form a powerful combination for printers looking for cost-effective, high-quality plate production.

Unique Fujifilm Co-Res screening delivers quality and productivity gains

Customers needing to produce plates at 175 lpi without the normal overheads of larger file sizes and lower productivity can benefit from Fujifilm's Co-Res screening. Through the use of intelligent screening algorithms and the system's ability to image significantly faster at lower resolutions, up to 55 B1 plates per hour can be produced. Designed to meet commercial print requirements using conventional 175 lpi linescreens, quality benefits are particularly evident with rosettes and vignettes.

Low cost, entry level model with a range of upgrade options

The Luxel V-8 semi-auto can be upgraded to increase both productivity and automation. The addition of a second laser will boost the maximum productivity to 55 pph. Automation can be increased with the addition of single or multi-cassette autoloaders.

PRO-V Ready

The Luxel V-8 is fully compatible with Fujifilm's Superia PRO-V low chemistry violet photopolymer plate.

HD Option:

The Luxel V-8 is available with a 'High Definition' option that gives improved tonal range and smoothness, especially when using fine AM or FM screening