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Superia PRO-V

Low chemistry violet CTP plate

Designed for medium- to long-run commercial print applications, Superia PRO-V is a violet low chemistry CTP plate which can be used with UV inks unbaked, and is suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.

  • Run length: up to 400,000 (baked); up to 200,000 (unbaked) 
  • „„Resolution: 200 lpi (1 – 99%) 
  • „„No chemical replenisher required when used with Fujifilm low chemistry finishing units 
  • „„No post water wash required with significant reduction in water usage 
  • „„Suitable for use with UV inks, unbaked 
  • „„Unmatched quality, consistency and productivity 
  • „„Easier maintenance and cleaning

Lower chemistry consumption

When Superia PRO-V is used with our low chemistry finishing units, no chemical replenisher is required meaning chemistry consumption is considerably reduced. For a printer using around 10,000 B1 plates over a 1-3 month period, chemistry consumption can be reduced to around 400 litres, a reduction of over 70% (depending upon existing system used).

Lower water use and minimal waste

As Superia PRO-V does not require a post exposure rinse, mains water is eliminated and water consumption is considerably reduced. A simple water top up to the developer chemistry is all that is required to keep the system ticking over effectively. As a result, waste production is also considerably reduced.

Higher consistent quality

Superia PRO-V combines the benefits of low-chemistry CTP with the proven low cost of ownership of violet imaging. The plate itself is rated at 1-99% resolution (when used with a Luxel ‘HD’ capable platesetter) and it brings unmatched quality, consistency and productivity to violet plate production, with extended run lengths and the ability to easily print FM screens.

Easier maintenance

The elimination of chemical replenishment and the unique formulation of the developer result in a much cleaner bath which equates to a simpler maintenance regime and easier cleaning.

High speed plate production

Superia PRO-V incorporates a new high-sensitivity polymerisation technology that enables users to achieve the same level of productivity as conventional processed violet CTP plates without the need for laser upgrades.

Print application Commercial
Laser type Violet LD 405 mm
Sensitivity 0.045 – 0.09 mJ/cm2
Resolution: 200 lpi (1 – 99%), device dependent
FM screen capability 20µm FM (device dependent)
Plate gauges 0.15, 0.2, 0.3 mm
Safe light Bright yellow (G10 or L36W62) for pre-press
Contrast Excellent
Developer/replenisher Finishing solution (LC-V), no developer/replenisher required
Bath life Up to 8 weeks or 20 m2/L
Gum Not required
Run length (unbaked)* Up to 200,000
Run length (baked)* Up to 400,000
UV run length (unbaked) Good for short-medium runs with recommended wash and fount

* Run lengths are always dependent on laser power and press conditions.