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Superia ZP

A new era in printing demands a new era in platemaking

Superia ZP is a processless plate that eliminates the processor, chemistry, gum and water used in the conventional plate production process, the plate being taken straight from the platesetter onto the press. This means Superia ZP represents the fastest way of getting a plate on-press, and all the variables associated with processors and finishing units, including the time and labour involved with their maintenance, are eliminated

Superia ZP at a glance:

  • Maximise the efficiency of your plate production, as Superia ZP is maintenance-free and needs no processor, chemistry, gum or water.
  • Advanced new Fine Particle Dispersion (FPD) technology means on-press performance is improved, giving you a lightning fast start-up.
  • Superia ZP represents the quickest route from platesetter to press for the highest productivity, as the plate is simply imaged and mounted directly on-press and has the same sensitivity as any other high performance plate
  • Superia ZP delivers unbeatable 1–99% resolution and 20μm FM screening, and with no processor or chemistry required, and therefore zero maintenance, is also more consistent
  • True, eco-friendly plate production
  • As a result of the impact Superia ZP has in eliminating water use during plate production, Fujifilm is giving a percentage of the sales of Superia ZP plates in Europe, Middle East & Africa, to WaterAid. Fujifilm aims to raise at least €175,000 for the international charity that transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

How it works

Super ZP has been successfully used by many printers around the World for the last five years. Despite this, Fujifilm scientists in Tokyo have been investigating ways in which the plate could be improved to make it even easier to use. The result represents Fujifilm’s most advanced printing plate ever, with a combination of technologies that exhibit higher ink receptivity with much faster development on press, and a much wider tolerance of different press conditions, ink formulations and fount solutions.

The latest version of this groundbreaking processless plate represents Fujifilm’s most advanced printing plate to date. It features a number of high performance technologies designed to optimise performance. The first is a special new Multi Grain (MGV) technology. This new micro-graining process applied to the surface of the aluminium guarantees the widest possible latitude in terms of ink/water balance on-press. The second is a multi-layer coating unique to Fujifilm which provides different functionalities within ultra-thin layers.

These include an over-coat layer that controls the diffusion of oxygen, ensuring optimum plate stability and a long shelf life, along with a photosensitive layer that contributes to the plate’s high sensitivity and productivity. With Superia ZP, this photosensitive layer also contains unique new Fine Particle Dispersion (FPD) technology that helps improve the softening of the non-image area. Finally, an undercoat layer incorporating Rapid Stable Start-up (RSS) technology dramatically speeds up the removal of the plate coating by the ink and ultimately onto the paper.

Print application commercial
Laser type thermal LD 830 nm (800 – 850 nm)
Technology non-ablative, processless
Sensitivity 120 mJ/cm2
Resolution 200 lpi (1 – 99%)
FM screen compatible yes, FM20
Gauges 0.15, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40 mm
Safelight white 400 lux for two hours for latent image visibility
Latent image up to 1 week
Contrast acceptable after exposure
Developer / replenisher N/A
Bath life N/A
Gum N/A
Run length* unbaked 100000
Run length* baked not practical
UV-ink characteristics (unbaked) not recommended
UV-ink characteristics (baked) not recommended

* Run lengths are always dependent on laser power and press conditions