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Anchor Pressroom Chemicals

Throughout Anchor's development, the underlying commitment has always been to quality, safety, the environment and above all else customer satisfaction. This commitment has helped shape Anchor into a leading pressroom chemical manufacturer . In 1998, Anchor was acquired by Fuji Hunt (now FUJIFILM Belgium NV), part of the FUJIFILM Corporation in Japan. Since then, the Anchor products for the European market are produced by FUJIFILM Belgium NV.

Becoming part of this multinational has not only improved Anchor's efficiency in production and logistics, but has also broadened Anchor's possibilities for research and product development, since Anchor can now appeal to FUJIFILM labs in Europe and Japan, next to its own laboratory in the USA.

Anchor Fountain Solutions

The EMERALD series of fountain solutions are the result of innovative ideas, supported by many years of experience. There is a solution available for each specific press, application and every water quality to achieve maximum productivity and quality through an ecological process. Either with alcohol, alcohol reduced or why not completely alcohol free, an area where we have gained significant expertise and durable success.

In the print process, the fount represents only a marginal cost out of the total manufacturing cost, nevertheless it has a crucial impact on the production process:

It can result in substantial savings!

After having performed an on-site press audit, our application specialist will be pleased to advise you the best solution for what really counts for you: maximum print quality, increased productive press time and reduced waste copies.

Anchor Washes

Who cares about press washes? Anchor® does. Many traditional press washes fall short in view of the demands from the highly evolved printing applications and press configurations we know today. Without losing sight of the prerequisite of good and fast cleaning capabilities, modern press washes have to comply with a wide variety of demands and applications.

There is the growing concern from the press manufacturers to protect their equipment from corrosion. That is why Anchor® products have been formulated with corrosion protective additives in order to pass even the strictest demands of all major press manufacturers.

Be it for conventional, UV or hybrid inks, for manual or automatic cleaning devices, you’ll find the best wash for your application within the Anchor® product range.

Anchor Coatings

With your professional expertise and just the right coating, you give life to the 2-dimensional image by adding a third dimension, depth. With Anchor®’s expertise in UV and water-based coatings; you have a nearly infinite range of choices in exercising your skills and adding value to your printed masterpiece.

If you want to create the right atmosphere by applying either a delicate soft touch effect or a dazzling gloss coating, you’ll find your best choice within the AQUACOAT and UV-COAT series.

Once you’ve discovered our expertise and reliability, you’re likely to agree we’re offering quite an eye-opener.

Fujifilm Spray Powders

The best print quality in the most economical way, that is our objective. To achieve this you might need a little help from our protective spray powders.

By using our ECOPOWDER-series, you will be able to minimize the amount of powder to be sprayed on the printed sheet, assuring an adequate protection and avoiding any disturbing excess of powder even at the highest printing speed.

Anchor Silicone Emulsions

At ever increasing web width and speed, modern heatset presses can produce high quality printed matter at impressive output rates. Assuring this quality only can be done by applying a protective re-moistening emulsion after the dryer, which gives an adequate protection to the printed web whilst being converted into a folded brochure.

The best way to accomplish this is by using the Anchor® Silicone emulsions with RunsilTM-technology. This special micro-emulsion with anti-static properties and polymer additives assures a streak-free throughput for a broad range of paper substrates.

Anchor Glues

Right up to the finishing stage, Anchor® offers you the best available pressroom chemistry, enabling the printer to deliver the best product to his customer. Check out our different types of glues for industrial finishing applications in to the different graphic arts markets.

Anchor® produces specific glues for in-line print finishing on coldset and heatset press configurations that can be applied through all common glue devices on the market. Also for packaging and bookbinding applications our specialists will be pleased to advise you the best available solution, ensuring you the best performance of your finishing line.

Anchor Auxiliaries

The most efficient production process involves various measures before, during and after the actual printing stage. Frequently, printing sundries can be critical side factors determining whether the printing process is of a high quality, efficient and economical.

To accomplish this, the comprehensive range of our auxiliaries offers you the best solution. Maintenance products, cleaning and drying agents, powders, sprays and many other specialty products provide users with valuable aid during daily routine work.