Flexo JD752 Supernova White

Flexo JD752 Supernova White is an ultra opaque flexo white that can be used to replace rotary screen white.

High Productivity and Economy

Flexo JD752 is designed to replace rotary screen white when used as a background opacifying layer on clear filmic materials.  It offers similar opacity to rotary screen whites and allows higher production speed while providing maximum economy.

Wide Range of Substrates

Flexo JD752 Supernova White has been developed for use on a wide range of synthetic substrates including PE, PP, PVC, top coated PE and PP, PS and PET.

  • High density basecoat UV flexo white
  • Outstanding opacity
  • Optimised performance with high volume anilox rolls
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Fast cure response
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