Industrial Imprinting Bar

Fujifilm’s Imprinting System offers variable data printing at industrial production speeds. It uses Fujifilm’s inkjet technology, with images or information printed as text, logos, QR or barcodes, or any other form of customisation. In the era of mass customisation, imprinting is a great opportunity to add value.

Custom ink colours for individual brands

Fujifilm can supply custom colours that are purpose-designed to give strong vibrant images either as solid blocks of colour or as ultra-fine detailed images, if necessary formulated for individual brands. This guarantees a match with house colours used on the rest of the print and on other branded images, no matter which print process is used.

The power of mass customisation

Digital inkjet technology has one outstanding feature – it works with variable data. Print elements such as text or graphics can be changed on the fly, without stopping or slowing down the production or packing line. Operators can imprint variable content on small production volumes where it wouldn’t be economical to adjust the main label. Promotion flashes can be added for individual retailers. Other common imprints include version, language, batch, and locality indications.

No compromise on quality

Fujifilm inks can also be designed to be chemically identical to those used on the main part of the print. This means that the imprint can match the quality of the background. Colours are vibrant and durable, reflecting the quality the brand owner has designed into the product presentation.

Industrial strength

The print modules are capable of running at 150m/min. The system components have proven themselves around the world to offer exceptional reliability in production environments, both separately, and as part of an integrated system.

Foolproof image alignment

To ensure the imprinted image appears in precisely the right spot, even at high speeds, line speed is tracked with an encoder, and the print can be be triggered by a pre-printed register mark. In this way, every individual imprinted image is printed accurately and located where it belongs, making accrued misalignment impossible, and reducing wastage.

Easy to integrate

The Fujifilm Imprinting System can be installed as a new facility or integrated into existing production processes. The system is straightforward to operate, so the need for lengthy, in-depth training is minimised.

Industry-leading print modules for high speed

The system uses Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print modules. These industry-leading components feature the flexibility of piezo-electric drop-on-demand technology with the high throughput of continuous ink flow. Continuous ink flow uses a patented RediJet® recirculation system. This ensures the printheads are quickly primed, with faster time to print, negligible ink wastage and outstanding reliability.

UV-curing and aqueous ink technology

Fujifilm’s Imprinting System can be used with UV, LED UV and water-based inks. This ensures the system is suitable for imprinting in many different situations. 

  • Industrial build with proven Fujifilm SAMBA inkjet technology
  • Water-based or LED UV ink system
  • Highly productive up to 150m/min
  • Wide application range due to dedicated ink systems
  • Impressive uptime and low maintenance
  • Seamless and easy integration onto existing presses
  • Highest performance singlepass Fujifilm ink and printhead technology
  • Built in PDF data conversion (on the fly)
  • Easy to operate job manager
  • Remote access capability