XMF ColorPath

Consistent colour to ISO 12647,
however you print

XMF ColorPath is a cloud-based system hosted by Fujifilm that allows calibration, ICC profiling and alignment to ISO 12647 for a wide range of print devices, from offset and screen presses to digital wide format and B2 inkjet printers such as Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720.

XMF ColorPath at a glance:

  • XMF ColorPath brings ‘right first time’ print production and turns advanced colour management into a simple, reliable and consistent process.
  • As XMF ColorPath is a cloud-based solution, there is no other client software to install and so the system imposes no additional burden on in-house IT resources.
  • XMF ColorPath is available as a stand-alone system to manage colour, as well as being available with Fujifilm's leading XMF Workflow solution.

Colour management made simple

Print production often requires the use of offset, digital/wide format inkjet and screen-printed components, all of which must not only match each other but must also be consistent over time and from job to job. This has traditionally been difficult to achieve as colour management is implemented in different ways across various print technologies, leading either to partial implementation and inconsistent results or to highly complex colour adjustment procedures requiring significant specialist skills and time to devise and manage. XMF ColorPath cuts through this complexity.

Calibration and profiling

For printer/press calibration and profiling, supported spectrophotometers are operated via a standard web browser on Mac or PC desktop or laptop computers. User guidance is provided via the browser and measurement data uploaded automatically to the cloud. The generated device profiles are returned via the same route.

Working to standards

XMF ColorPath is designed to calibrate and profile print devices to conform to the ISO 12647-2 offset print standard, subject to each device having a large enough colour gamut. This can then be certified according to local guidelines, such as FOGRA in Europe or G7 in the US.

Many digital presses are capable of matching the colour gamut of CMYK offset. This approach provides a common target that virtually all the different print technologies can match and so makes it possible to achieve consistency between print produced on screen, offset and sufficiently stable toner-based digital presses as well as on wide format inkjet devices.


Key to maintaining consistent and predictable colour across print technologies is XMF ColorPath’s alignment feature. This is based on the measurement of a small target that can be included easily with most jobs. Depending on the requirements for accuracy, these patches can be measured on a daily basis, between or even during jobs in order to compensate for any drift in calibration, as might be caused by changes in stock or ambient conditions.

XMF ColorPath analyses the measurements and compares them against the tolerances defined in the ISO standard. If the results are not within tolerance, a set of TVI (Tonal Value Increase) curves is calculated to bring the device back into calibration.

Logging and reporting

XMF ColorPath maintains a central log of all device measurements, calibrations and profiles made. On-line summary information is immediately available on the calibration status of each device, with the ability to drill down to fine levels of detail including delta-E values for primary and composite colours.

The TVI performance for each colour can be inspected, as can paper/substrate colour measurements and individual patch measurements from each session. XMF ColorPath can automatically generate PDF reports containing all this information.