Gas Membrane

Apura™ Gas Separation Membrane Element

Based on Fujifilm’s outstanding history in organic chemistry, thin film coating- and manufacturing excellence, we have developed a highly functional membrane element. Fujifilm Apura™ has proven itself for treatment of natural gas and distinguishes itself with high performance and robustness against contaminants like water and aromatics.

Apura™ Gas Separation Membrane Element

With Fujifilm’s new gas separation element Apura™ our clients are able to sweeten their natural gas in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The elements can be used for bulk and fine removal of acid gas in natural gas processes.

Function of Apura™
Under the influence of pressure, Fujifilm’s spiral wound membrane elements (modules) remove CO2 and H2S from a natural gas feed stream. This membrane separation process results in an enhanced caloric product stream (also known as residue) that is low on CO2 and H2S, and in a waste stream that is lean in hydrocarbons and rich in CO2 and H2S.


Innovative technology
Using our proprietary technology we offer high functional and cost-effective gas sweetening membrane elements with high CO2 selectivity, resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX for our clients. Fujifilm utilizes multilayer composite membranes, which makes the modules extremely robust towards aromatics and water.

Customized modules
Fujifilm’s membrane elements fit in the regular 8 and 8¼ inch pressure vessels, and can be customized with respect to dimension.

To get an impression of Fujifilm’s gas separation membrane element Apura, please watch our information video.


Apura™ Gas Separation Membrane Element

Apura™ Applications

Fujifilm Apura™, for existing and new installations.


Pressure range of operation

  • 5-150 bar

Temperature range of operation 

  • 0-50C


  • CO2, H2S, H2O

Performance stability at extremes

  • Tolerance to: HC, BTX, condensed water
  • Low flux decline
  • Low plasticization


  • Low replacement-maintenance
  • Small process / footprint
  • No chemicals or solvents
  • Pressure driven – no energy consuming solvent regeneration
  • No moving parts
  • Off grid/ standalone operation
  • Can be used as hybrid system
  • Very quick start up and shut down

Financial / Operational

  • Lower Capex and Opex of gas processing installation
  • Higher Production Flexibility & debottlenecking
  • Improved plant profitability


  • Safer and Chemical Free Process
  • Lower Methane and CO2 Emissions


  • Accelerates development in new and existing gas fields
  • Enter remote locations more easily (offshore, desert, arctic)
  • Increase feed range (Higher CO2 levels, more contaminants)

Contact information

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