This compact table-top reader unit has outstandingly high-speed processing to challenge the common misconception of CR.


  • High-speed processing
  • Space-saving design
  • Stable high-quality images

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High-speed processing

 FCR PRIMA T2 is a table-top reader unit which boasts a world-class high processing speed of 73 IPs/hour.In the high speed mode (5 pixels/mm), throughput is enhanced almost 70% compared with FCR PRIMA T (only for IPs of 14″ × 17″ and 14″ × 14″ ). As with all Fujifilm equipment FCR PRIMA T2 is easy to operate. It will help reduce patient waiting time and greatly increase the efficiency of examination workflow.

[Image]High-speed processing


Space-saving design

 FCR PRIMA T2, with its light and compact table top design, can be placed on a desk, shelf or anywhere space is limited. As this is a fully digital reader, neither a darkroom nor automatic processor is required. FCR PRIMA T2 can always be installed in the space formally used by a chemistry based processor.

[Image]Space-saving design


Stable high-quality images

 Although this is a compact machine its excellent image quality is the same as that produced by the rest of the FCR range. Image Intelligence™, Fujifilm's proprietary image processing technology, enhances image contrast and sharpness, without any deterioration of details. FCR PRIMA T2 supports accurate diagnosis by offering stable and optimized image quality.


[Logo] Image Intelligence™


  • MFP (Multi-Frequency Procesing)*

Enhances FCR images. All diagnostic scopes will be enhanced except for noise.

  • * Optional Software


[Image] MFP (Multi-Frequency Procesing)


  • FNC (Flexible Noise Control)

Provides a non-grainy image by mainly isolating and suppressing the noise for the signal


[Image] FNC (Flexible Noise Control)


  • GPR (Grid Pattern Removal)

Removes the stationary grid patterns thus preventing Moiré from being generated resulting in easier diagnosis.

 [Image] GPR (Grid Pattern Removal)


System Configuration
[Image] System Configurations

All-in-one workstation

FCR PRIMA Console and FCRView are an all-in-one viewers that turns your desktop into a multi-function workstation for all your radiographic imaging needs. You can initiate exposures, process and print your studies and backup patient information all within a single unit.

[Image] All-in-one workstation