FDR D-EVO III, the third generation X-ray detector from Fujifilm, with a market-leading weight and glass free construction.

  •  The lightest FPD at 1,8 kg with Fujifilm’s flexible film-based TFT detector
    Replacing the glass-based TFT detector with thin film, FDR D-EVO III is the lightest FPD available at 1,8kg. Compared to the 1st generation FDR D-EVO, FDR D-EVO III is approx 40% lighter.
  • Higher DQE
  • Robust sensor to endure tough medical environments
    The new flexible film-based TFT detector, decreases the risk of fracture of the TFT detector caused by external shock.
    With a new IP56 rating, the D-EVO III is structured to prevent infiltration of liquids and small particle dust, and it’s flat design and reduced contours, promote more efficient cleaning.
  • High sharpness and low dose
  • Like FDR D-EVO II, the FDR D-EVO III is equipped with the indirect conversion system called ISS, a method which bonds optical sensors (TFT) to the X-ray irradiation side unlike traditional flat panel detectors. This greatly suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray signals, creating a sharper image with low X-ray dose.
  • «SmartSwitch Technology»
    Fujifilm developed a technology «SmartSwitch» which allows automatic X-ray detection. With SmartSwitch, FDR D-EVO III no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR power supply unit to automatically detect X-rays and start image acquisition.
  • Improved shell type design for improved handling and patient comfort
  • Multiple LED’s positioned on incident x-ray surface for improved visualization 

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LED lamps on the front of the detector for better visualization

LED lamps are equipped on four sides of the front of the detector, for a visual assistance.

  • 1.       Centralizing the device and distinguishing devices
    Equipped with side-center LEDs on four sides of the detector, for easier positioning of the device during imaging. There are five LED colors (blue, pink, orange, lime-yellow and purple), to distinguish different devices for different colors when using multiple devices. During sleep mode, the side-center LED light flickers gently to visually announce the battery status.
  • 2.       Device status displayed in green
    When the device is ready for X-ray exposure, the LED lights up in green.
  • 3.       Front side identification in white
    The front side of device is easily identifiable with the LED that lights in white.


Easy insertion with shell designed edge

The curved, shell designed edges are employed on both sides of the panel. The curved corners allow for an easier insertion into patient beds. The easy-to-grasp shape assists to pick up even when placed on a flat surface, improving task efficiency.

Easy-to-see LED status display

The back of the detector is equipped with an LED lamp that displays remaining battery status. This allows easy check of remaining battery, and eliminates worry when using the detector.

Works together with the console to display the detector's status

The docking stand works together with the console to display the detector’s “Ready” status and identify color using the LEDs. This makes it easy to check the current state of the detector even from far away.

Simple battery replacement workflow

The battery can be replaced with one hand and the panel is ready to image in 35 seconds following the replacement. This eliminates worry and stress about changing battery and battery life.

Suitable for outdoor use with an expanded spectrum

Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHx (W52/53/56/58) spectrum. Suitable for outdoor use during disasters.

Allows detectos image storage

Internal storage of 100 images allows the detector to eliminate the additional work associated with multiple cassettes with conventional CR workflow. It also supports rapid imaging in cases of night time and emergency situations.

Flexible handling

FDR D-EVO III, with its unique combination of advanced technology, can play an active role in various clinical situations, across rooms and systems. This is not only limited to X-ray rooms, but in patient rooms and dedicated rooms such as Emergency rooms and Operation rooms.

Blending large and small phosphor particles at an optimal ratio

Increase X-ray absorption through our uniquely designed scintillator, which applies photographic film technology to optimize the blending ratio of phosphor particles of different sizes.

Fujifilm noise reduction circuit improves detector sensitivity in high absorption regions

The uniquely developed noise reduction circuit reduces noise in the image. This noise reduction circuit realizes DQE 33% even at 0.1mR. The granularity of low-concentration regions is improved.

Image processing technology to optimize imaging results

FDR D-EVO III utilizes the latest Fujifilm digital image processing technologies including Dynamic Visualization, which optimizes image display based on monitor characteristics and FNC noise suppression processing that improves image quality, automatically extracting and separating noise components in the image.

High durability frame structure – 310 kg load capacity

Forging frames constructed with Mg-Li alloy provides robust protection for internal devices, while maintaining a lightweight design. With this technology, FDR D-EVO III has a 310 kg load capacity.

Hydro Ag antibacterial coating

The FDR D-EVO III detectors are coated with Hydro Ag antibacterial coating, which has an antibacterial effect 100 times greater than that of conventional Ag coatings. This longer-lasting higher intensity antibacterial effect prevents bacterial growth. A hyper-hydrophilic binder allows easy cleaning and hygienic use, together with the easy-to wipe flat design of the detector.

New level of waterproof and dust proof protection

FDR D-EVO III's new IP56 waterproof and dustproof rating provides confidence and assurance against damage from fluid or dust entering the panel.

Easy-to-clean flat shape

The FDR D-EVO III introduces a flat design and reduced contours, promoting easier and more efficient cleaning.


Virtual Grid ™

Provides a high quality image without using a grid

Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation. Without the need for a grid, Virtual Grid retains high contrast and image sharpness, while preventing the asymmetric density resulting from misalignment of X-ray tube and detector. (option)

Dynamic Visualization II ™

Optimizes image quality using the latest Exposure Data Recognizer

Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data. (option)