FDR Smart X

FDR Smart X is FUJIFILM’s newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions.

  • A cost effective system for low-mid end customers
  • Multiple system configurations:

    • Floor Standard System
    • Floor Premium System
    • Ceiling Manual System
    • Ceiling Premium System

  • Similar features to that of FDR Smart F but with some unique additional features
  •  Regulatory Difference from FDR Smart F

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Innovative detector

  • Fujifilm’s  advanced flat panel detector provides supreme image quality and workflow

Integrated Console

  • Two console functions integrated in the same PC, technologist doesn’t need to operate two devices

Work Assistance

  • Synchronization of detector and tube, collimation and tilting wall stand are supported by system

High Adaptability

  • Designed to be highly adaptable, the system adaptability can be in full play for every customer



Innovative Detector

Integrated Console

The Console Advance and generator control console can be integrated into a single PC, allowing operation in a single GUI.  This allows the technologist to operate both detector and X-ray system from a single device.

Work Assistance

  •  Auto Tracking
    Synchronization between the movement of the X-ray tube and radiography stand/table is available. This function makes positioning easier, enhancing radiography workflow and reducing the time the patient is kept in the X-ray room.



  • Auto Positioning of Stand
    Automatic powered positioning of radiography stand can be easily completed by use of the control buttons on the side of the stand or on the remote control. This reduces the requirement for manual handling by the technologist when adjusting the height and angle of the bucky.

  • Operation with LCD Tube Head Display in X-ray Room
    An LCD display on the tube Head allows viewing and modification of examination parameters in the X-ray room without the need to return to the Console interface. Equipped with easy-operative GUI, exposure conditions are easily configurable for each patient.  Additionally the display orientation can be kept horizontal even when tube angle is changed**, improving the technologist experience when reading and operating the display.

  • Auto Collimation & Auto Filtration
    Collimation area and filter can be changed by operating the buttons on the tube head display.

  • Rotation Tray with Auto Connecting function

  • Removable Grid

  • Easy Installation
    Designed to quite simple, installation can be completed less than a week*. Thus, it allows starting customer’s service quickly. (Or, minimizing the service downtime for upgrade)

  • Floor Mounted System that doesn’t require ceiling construction

  • Fail Safe Switch

  • Wide Variation of Generator specifications
    Newly added 32 kW and 52 kW capacitor-assisted generators, and 32kW UPS generator give additional flexibility when meeting the customer requirements.  The wide variation of generators FDR Smart X supports, ensures systems can be configured to meet installation requirements at customer sites even where there is limitation on electricity supply or anxiety of an unstable electricity supply.

  • Cable Chain management
    The Smart X systems utilise a modern cable chain configuration providing clean and neat cable management which prevents the cable from obstructing X-ray beam path or becoming jammed when moving.

  • High Diagnostic Image with Minimized Dose

  • Advanced Image Processing