FDR Xair

FDR Xair is FUJIFILM’s first portable X-ray unit with a lightweight and compact design.

FDR Xair’s ultralight compact portable design provides a strong advantage when accessibility to normal medical treatment settings is difficult. FDR Xair can provide a portable solution and a high-mobility workflow even in unconventional medical scenes like home healthcare.

  • Excellent portability allowing greater freedom for imaging in patients home and other remote places
  • Quick set up for use provides an efficient workflow
  • User-friendly button layout
  • Highly durable LED light source



Excellent portability, enabling use in patients’ homes
FDR Xair weighs about 3.5 kg. Its portable design means that it can easily be carried into patients’ homes and other places where space is limited, ensuring quicker imaging.

Lightweight and easy to mount on its support stand

The FDR Xair’s lightness and high usability make mounting it on its support stand quick and simple.

The hand switch fits neatly into the body when not in use
The hand switch can be attached to the side of the main unit. This makes carrying easier and reduces the risk of dropping the hand switch behind.


User-friendly button layout
Buttons are located on both sides, letting you operate the equipment with one finger while holding it.

Can take images in places where there is no electricity

The built-in lithium polymer battery is lighter than ever.
Can shoot up to 100 images* on a full charge, in environments where there is no electricity.

Highly durable LED light source

LEDs are used for the irradiation field illumination lamp and the display. LEDs are long lasting and make the control screen easy to read.

Easy-maintenance design

The flat-surface design with few dents or edges makes cleaning and other maintenance easy to do.


Higher sensitivity achieved by advanced reading technology “ISS system”
A combination of a columnar crystal CsI scintillator* with Fujifilm’s “ISS system” enables the suppression of energy attenuation and light scattering and achieves higher resolution imaging at low X-ray doses, leading to the level of DQE 54% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR) and MTF 80% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR).


Virtual Grid ™ Provides a high-contrast image without using a Virtual Grid
Virtual Grid is an image processing software that corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity. Without the need for an anti-scatter grid, this software quickly creates high quality images.

Dynamic Visualization II ™
Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data. (option)

Fujifilm X Air used by Dr. Igarashi Nippon Hospital Japan

FDR Xair

The coherent overall concept with both authoritative and approachable characteristics is impressive. All the details including handle, stand and lens treatment confirm a sense of cohesion and quality. With its lower radiation exposure the portable X-ray system adds to a very positive development in patient care and workflow. Such an innovative product!

- Gold Statement - iF World Design Guide

The award-winning FDR Xair is Fujifilm's first-ever portable X-ray unit, which supports excellent portability and operability and allows the user to take and confirm simple X-ray images in places with limited space. FDR Xair, thanks to its innovative design, collected internationally prestigious awards:

Providing the FDR Xair to Stop TB Partnership (STBP)

At the seventh Congress of African Development, TICAD 7 held in Japan in August 2019, the FDR Xair was highly evaluated by government leaders and international organizations for its excellent portability to be used in the X-ray examination for mobile medical services. Fujifilm started to provide “FDR Xair” to the organization “Stop TB Partnership” for their study to control tuberculosis (TB) mainly in Asia and African regions. With the support of STBP, Pakistani NGO, “DOPASI” has started a TB screening trial using the FDR Xair in 2020. In a joint effort to “End TB”, Fujifilm and STBP will continue to support the expansion of TB screening using the FDR Xair, utilizing resources from the Global Fund and other organizations.


This is a collaboration of DOPASI and Fujifilm with support of Stop TB Partnership. Photo credit: "DOPASI"

Glimpses of the excitement and screening of Dopasi’s staff using Fujifilm Xair, a portable digital Xray equipped with artificial intelligence to be used for TB screening in the Pakistan under Stop TB Partnership's TB Reach Initiative.