Miniprobe ultrasound system

New possibilities in routine endoscopy.

The new SP-702 sonoprobe system has been specifically developed for examinations using high-frequency miniprobes. The SP-702 probes are inserted via the biopsy channel of traditional endoscopes, giving you constant access to diagnostic ultrasound at all times during your routine endoscopy – regardless of the type of endoscopic unit you are using.


  • Ultrasound during routine endoscopy
  • Clear images without artefacts
  • Control unit for straightforward image selection
  • Compact system for optimal integration

Great variety of probes.

A wide selection of miniprobes of various lengths, diameters and frequencies is available. The 12/15/20/25-MHz probes can be used in endoscopes with a biopsy channel of at least 2.8 mm diameter. The 7.5-MHz probe allows that the endoscope is used like an ultrasound endoscope.

The miniprobes with a length of 2,700 mm developed especially for double balloon endoscopy have recently become available. With the help of these high-resolution probes, it is possible to access the small intestine area sonographically for the first time.