EG-580 UR

Endoscopic Ultrasonic Scope (Radial Scan)

With improved maneuverability and 2.8 mm working channel, the endoscope can be operated as with a routine gastroscope.

With the thin outer diameter of 11.4 mm, the unique 190° bending and the brilliant Super-CCD image quality, the new EG-580UR allows the doctor to carry out endoscopic ultrasound examinations almost as simply as a traditional endoscopic examination. The 2.8 mm working channel enables a good suction ability and the use of a standard size biopsy forceps. The electronic 360° radial scan ensures a reliable panoramic view so that, in combination with the high-resolution images, you have every angle under control.

The EG-580UR allows you to manipulate ultrasound balloons conveniently via the valve level of the endoscope controls. The EUS endoscope is rounded off by improved flexibility of the insertion section.


Viewing direction
Observation range 3–100 mm
Field of view 140°
Distal end diameter 11.4mm
Flexible portion diameter 11.5mm
Bending capability Up 190°/Down 90° Right 100°/Left 100°
Working length 1,250mm
Overall length 1,550mm
Working channel diameter 2.8mm
Scanning mode Colour Doppler, Power Doppler,Pulse Doppler, B mode, M mode
Scanning method Electronic radial scan
Scanning angle 360° (in combination with SU-1)
Frequency 5MHz /7.5MHz / 10MHz /12MHz