Endoscopic Ultrasonic Scope (Curved Linear Array Scan)

Advanced therapeutic performance support more precise puncture and interventional procedures

The EG-580UT, an ultrasound endoscope with Forceps Elevator Assist which enables convex scanning, was developed for therapeutic interventions. The endoscope has a large working channel of 3.8 mm and is equipped with an Albarran lever. Thanks to its great degree of mobility, you can access the area to be examined much more easily and carry out the treatment far more quickly and comfortably.

The EG-580UT allows you to manipulate ultrasound balloons conveniently via the valve level of the endoscope controls. The EUS endoscope is rounded off by improved flexibility of the insertion section.

Bending capacity left/right 120°/120°
Bending capacity up/down 150°/150°
Centre frequencies 5 MHz / 7.5 MHz / 10 MHz / 12 MHz
Contact method Balloon method / contact method (without balloon)
Distal end ø 13.9 mm
Field of view 140°
Frequency 5 MHz / 7.5 MHz / 10 MHz / 12 MHz
Insertion tube ø 12.4 mm
Observation range 3-100 mm
Operation channel ø 3.8 mm
Scanning area 150°
Scanning mode Colour Doppler / Power Doppler / Pulse Doppler / B-Mode / M-Mode
Sound method Electronic curved linear array
Total length 1,550 mm
Viewing direction Forward with 40° angle
Working length 1,250 mm